It’s 2017,  and as a common New Year traditions, most people make make vows to accomplish one or two goals or resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior in their lives. We’ve asked Kannywood stars to tell us their new year resolution…. 

Ali Nuhu… “Boosting the marketing wings of FKD Productions”

Nafisat Abdullahi… “Marriage….. ”

Yakubu Muhammad… ” I’ll stop thinking too much and avoid anything that will keep me away from positivity ”

Rahama Sadau…“Spend more time with people that matter, doing what matters.” 

Nuhu Abdullahi…” Overcome a fear, be sincere about punctuality and commitments”

Baballe Hayatu… “May peace and happiness be with everybody. May peace reign and recession be a thing of the past in Nigeria. May Kannywood business boom in 2017.

By: Ibrahim Umar Bello 

Twitter :@aaramz


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