You were off social media recently, what have you been doing?

I’ve been working on my new Boutique, it’s finally open but not officially tunda a lot of things are still coming in. 
You talk about no sisterhood in the industry after Rahma debacle, care to add something on that?  
I was clearly misunderstood,I’m not saying what happened to her was good..actually the decision was too harsh.. But it’s still none of my business 

Zee Zee responded to you,  have you seen it? 
I’ve forgotten who that person is, so truly I haven’t seen anything about what she has to say, is she an artist too?

What’s Moppan to you? 

Ermm that’s a tough question, but I’ll just say they’re an organization who are trying to do good by the industry 

Is Maryam Booth your best friend in the industry now?  We’ve been seeing your pictures a lot on instagram lately 

Lol, we have a lot of joint businesses right now, so you’ll see us more often than before..she knows how to do business 

Are you in relationship with Nazir Ahmad Hausawa (@Ziriums)? 

Ahhahaha! Chaii, kuma? No!! Ziriums is a very dear friend to me,and I cherish that friendship 

Is Ibrahim Shehu (@ibrhym) your friend too, now? 

Lol!  Ibrahim will always be special… We’re more like a family now.

Why is there so much speculation about your relationship? 

Haha I guess it’s because I’ve been Silent for a long time now and people don’t really know what’s going on with me 
So what’s on your plate right now?

My new film Project!!!

Describe your dreamboy 
Someone who puts everything about me first! someone who deeply loves my family….and I’ve found that person♥️♥️♥

And who’s that lucky person? 

I’ll allow everyone to keep speculating kawai 

Are you commitment-phobic? 
No…I am fully committed to any relationship I’m in

Do you have any phobia?
Fear of heights and water….as in ruwa sosai bawai Na pool ba

One thing people have wrong about you?
That I’m so egocentric 

What do you love about being an actress?
That I’m always surrounded by talented and inspiring people…thats what I love

One role you wish you could have done

Honestly, I don’t know! Maybe a role of a badass tomboy girl 

How do you react when your co-star flirts with you?
Don’t get me wrong, but I go with the flow…it’s just flirting right? no harm in that

If you were to bump into your ex when you’re with your current boyfriend… what would you do? 
I would say hi,introduce them both and move on with whatever it is I’m doing.

What’s the craziest thing you have done in love?
Tried to jump out of a moving vehicle😂😂😂..that’s so crazy,been thinking of why I wanted to do that😂ever since

Can we say that right now you are in a very happy space personally and professionally?
Isn’t that obvious?😂💕yes I am very happy and I thank God for everthing🙏

Is there any woman who inspires you a lot?

Yes!!!it has to be Deepika Padukone

Friendship to you is…
Sacrificing you happiness to stay in it.

If one song could describe your life, which one would it be?

‘RISE’ by Katty perry

Favourite romantic song…

Autumn leaves…Chris Brown ft Kendrick Lamar

Do you enjoy wearing own make-up?

It’s a 60/40 for me….I do makeup but I prefer me without makeup 

What garment makes you feel ‘body confident’?

You might be surprised but I feel very comfortable in a gown (abaya).

Which colleague inspires you the most when it comes to style? 
Ali Nuhu.

Describe yourself in five words 
I can only give 2…..stubborn and simple

Which football team do you support? 

Real Madrid

Do you belong to the Kitchen, Living Room and The Other Room? 

Hahahah 😂😂hell no….at least for now

By: Ibrahim Umar Bello 


Twitter : @aaramz



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