In an interview with the Daily Trust, the King of Kannywood said that MOPPAN’s decision to expelled Rahama Sadau from the industry was too harsh. 

He said that Rahama violated Kannywood’s codes of conduct by holding ClassiQ’s hands and falling on his back in the music video but adviced that a lesser punishment would have sufficed. 

“I don’t think she should be banned. Maybe a suspension. There are situations where people create big things out of small ones. That is why before deciding to do something, one needs to think. I would advise that in the future when things like this happen, they deliberate amongst themselves and maybe call in a few others in the industry before making it public. People do things in an organization and are suspended or given queries, but these organizations won’t go to the media and announced it. It was blown out of proportion,” Ali Nuhu added. 

He also said that MOPPAN are not biased, those pictures people are sharing on social media are from his old Nollywood films long before the code of conduct came in to light. 


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