Motion Pictures Practitioners Association
of Nigeria (MOPPAN) Kano State chapter has expelled actress Rahma Sadau from Kannywood.

The action was taken after Rahama was featured hugging musician ClassiQ in a controversial music video ‘I love You’

MOPPAN secretary, Salisu Muhammad explained that Rahma’s actions violated the moral conduct of the Kannywood Industry.

He also mentioned that a committee has been set up to listen to any complains from producers Rahma is currently working with.

We are trying to reach Rahma, who is currently in india for comments.


One thought on “MOPPAN Expelled Rahma Sadau from Kannywood

  1. MOPPAN at it again! From my view point, I don’t think this body have rules and laws set up to tackle the conducts of kannywood actors.
    Expelling Rahma based on Moral grounds is not fair. I think laws if they do exists are to bind the whole; both mighty and weak. Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja that have videos circulating all over the country, showing them exhibiting such acts should be sanctioned too, if truly MOPPAN serves on the Moral interests they do claim. Besides, not long ago, Nafisa Abdullahi who was once on their radar have some raunchy images released on the internet, showing her in bum shorts with some of her friends partying yet MOPPAN let that slip away. Still on the same vein, this same MOPPAN authorize movie producers in inviting actors who are not MORALLY sound, without sensing any danger or black stain this will spill out. I’ll lost count of Jim Iyke, Juliet Ibrahim, Osita Iheme, John Okafor, Patience Ozokwor and many more who sell movies that corrupt moral standards of our society yet they are welcomed into the industry and the MOPPAN smiles at it.
    To cut the long story short, what am saying is that if MOPPAN is truly expelling this young lady because of that Music video, then I think some of the big guns of Kannywood ought to be penalized with the same treat. I don’t want to pin this on gender, as islamically, Men and Women will carry the same burden in this case of infidelity. Even worse, the Men i mentioned are married with children, and their stardom cannot be compared to hers as they are pioneers on the field and have larger fan base mostly here in the North. I think for the sake of equity, this sanction should be reviewed ‘cos it’s not even an inch closer to the word Justice.

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