We chat up with the scintillating Nafisa Abdullahi during the shoot of Saira Movies’ maiden Tv series, LABARI NA. Here is how it goes…..

As the main character of Labari Na series, what can you tell us about it?

Labari Na comes with a unique character for me that I have never played before in my other films. I also believe other characters of Labari Na would tell you the same about their roles. The series comes with new imaginations and I love trying roles that people are not use to watching me play.

Tell us something about your character.

I’m sumayya in Labari Na, and one thing I can tell you about her is that she is a victim of love. She falls in love so many times and got jilted by her lovers. I may have played this kind of role once or twice but Sumayya’s life troubles is something really new to me. Am sure it will be new to the audience too.

Among the debutants in Labari Na, who impressed you the most and why?

I’m impressed by all the debutants I worked with during the shoot of Labari Na. But there is one stand-out performer, Rukayya. She acted as my childhood friend in the series. She was impressive because nowadays some actors while trying hard to deliver a line, they forget about expression and when they concentrate on giving out the right expression they tend to forget their lines completely and in the end fail to deliver what is required. In this case, Rukayya really tried. You won’t believe this is her first time acting when you see how she delivered her character.

There’s a rumour that you chose to shoot Labari Na over Rahma Sadau’s Rariya…

(Laughs) Kai! Ikon Allah!! This is nothing but a rumour and you know how people are. I started shooting Labari Na 3 month back, and when Rahma offered me a role in Rariya, I told her that I’m shooting Labari Na, it will take a while before we finish. My availability will depend on how the director of Labari Na allows me to work on other projects. If I could get the time I will come and shoot Rariya with you and if I’m not available, I hope you will understand. That’s what we discussed. Also, I am sure Aminu Saira explained this situation to the director of Rariya. In the end I didn’t get the chance to shoot Rariya because, obviously I am engaged here. You see, for someone to say I choose Labari Na over Rariya is unfair and selfish. There is no way I will drop out in the middle of this shoot to go for another. I think there’s no misunderstanding here, not unless someone has something in mind.

You’ve already produced Guguwar So, do you have any upcoming project from your production company.

Yeah, there are two new projects that we are working on. But we are yet to properly sit down and finalize anything on that.

Guguwar So is a love story, what’s your opinion about Love?

My opinion about Love entirely is that, love is not one-sided. It shouldn’t be one-sided because it is not love if your feelings aren’t reciprocated. One should be either committed in love or don’t be in it at all. I believe there should be no compromise in love, we should love people for who they are without trying to change them. That’s it.


Who are you in love with now?

Well… (Smiling) of course there is someone in my heart. But then you also know I won’t tell you who or the details now.

Couple of months back you and Adam A Zango made a public declaration of love in the media but days after, he married another girl not you, What went wrong?

Well, I believe you know every couple have their own secret in their private life beside their public-private life. I can’t just tell you exactly what happened between us but if you could remember in that declaration, I added ‘may Allah choose the best for us’. If we didn’t get married, it’s all part of it. Sometimes love doesn’t end in marriages.

Do you still love him?

We are not in love presently. And although we are not together, no body loses their love for someone overnight. You can’t just instantly fall out love with someone.

Now that he is married, how does it feel?

It’s not something new to me. I’m fine with it. These things happen all over the world, so from on-set you have to prepare yourself for any outcome in a relationship especially people like us in the spotlight. It’s not the end for me just because Adam is married, and as you see, I have already moved on.

What will people expect from you?

My next project will definitely be a surprise. People will see me in a role that they never expect. It’s a surprise!

What do you think has been your memorable moment since joining the Kannywood industry?

Well… I think my memorable moment has to be when and after I did Sai Wata Rana. It made me popular. I was new then and the film suddenly became a blockbuster. Everywhere I go people were talking about Sai Wata Rana and my performance. It was the most amazing time of my life.

You won the Best Actress back to back in the recently formed Kannywood Awards. What’s the secret?

It’s from Allah, and my performance made it possible. I don’t want to sound immodest but I won best actress back to back because I am careful in choosing the films I do now. Some of them may not get me an award but at this stage I only pick good films that I think would help lift my career. I pick like one out of 10, not just do it anyhow.

What other thing differentiates you and other actresses?

Well, I don’t know. May be other people can say this is how I differ. Contrary to what people think, to be honest I play a lot nowadays. I am at the top being me, not because I am workaholic or something else. I can’t tell you otherwise.

Any message for your fans?

Appreciation and well wishes, and may Allah grant everybody what’s best for him


Interview by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz


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