1974; Christian Barnard transplants 1st human heart. Lucy an almost complete hominid skeleton of over 3 million years old was discovered in Africa. MRI Scanner was developed. West Germany wins the 1974 World Cup. Yakubu Gowon was the President of Nigeria. The minimum annual wage of N720 giving to Nigerian civil servants was equivalent of $1200. Abuja was a no man’s land. And somewhere in north-east Nigeria, Ali Nuhu was born.
42 years later, and Ali Nuhu Mohammed was no ordinary man. He’s one of the most successful film stars in Africa and the most popular Hausa actor in the world. The King of Kannywood. In celebration of his 42nd Birthday, here’s our list as to why Kannywood fans love him so much.

1. From Sangaya and Wasila to Sai Wata Rana and Lamiraj to Ina Miji Na and Jarumin Maza and many more, Ali Nuhu owned his characters and stole the heart of Kannywood followers with his over the top performances.

2. For his social media presence. With almost 90 thousand followers on twitter, 900 thousand on Facebook and and 162 thousand on instagram, Ali is by far the most interactive Kannywood star on social media.

3. For being a self-made man. “….I have dreamt of it, but had great passion for it, those days when we were miniature we stayed glued to our TV screens, watching movies and you wish to become like who you are seeing on TV, you know *laugh*. I watched a lot of soap series and that was where I got my verdict from.” That’s determination to succeed despite many challenges.

4. For Being a proud Hausa man: Ali Nuhu’s recognition and fame stretches far beyond Nigeria and Africa. His choice of clothing during his first AMAA and Afro-Hollywood awards were testament to how proud he is to come from northern Nigeria.

5. FKD Productions. The Home of Family Entertainers produced fantastic films like Mujadala, Kudiri, Sansani, Gambiza, Dan Baiwa, Fil’azal, Adamsy, Madubin Dubawa, Gamu Nan Dai and more.

6. For Making us fall in love (or not): Love battles, songs, dialogues from films like Sharhi, Abadan Da’iman, Qugiya, Taraliya, Zabari, Sai Wata  Rana, Kaso A So Ka, Ni Dake Mun Dace…. Ali Nuhu has given the die-hard romantics what they desire. The master of love stories.

7. For his help in launching the careers of so many Kannywood stars like Late Ahmad S Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Fati Muhammad, Lawal Ahmad, Sadiq Ahmad, Nafisa Abdullahi, Nazifi Asnanic, Maijidda Ibrahim, Zahradden Sani, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Maryam Booth, Rahma Sadau, and many more.

8. For bringing out the best in his directors: Most of the best movies we saw from Late Tijjani Ibrahim, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, Rabi’u Ibrahim, Aminu Saira etc featured Ali Nuhu in them.

9. For making trailers a bearable experience: Take those voice overs out of the equations and perhaps we won’t waste our time watching the trailers again and again.

10. He is a family man: Ali Nuhu is his own love story. His respect, love and care for his wife Maimuna and their children Fatima and Ahmad has kept the family happy for over a decade now. An example.

Happy Birthday Mr Superstar, may you live long and continue to blossom….


Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello

Email: iubello50@gmail.com

Twitter: @aaramz





25 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Kannywood Fans Love Ali Nuhu

  1. That was superb. A really nice piece which i will like to revise before sleeping. I Love Ali Nuhu for being Ali Nuhu.

  2. You hve done absolutely well,@umar bello, for this sensational tip abt the king of kannywood. He has being an exceptional personality among others. We are very proud of you sir, keep the move on intertaining your million fans including me as one of the diehard.

  3. Doggedness, resilience and commitment above all being down to earth are some of the key points to his success. Ali is the most Decorated star and most loving actor among the Kannywood enternaisers. I wish him more blissful and successful years.

  4. Though he had succeeded in many ways but there are also some elements which we can say are either substandard or unprofessional attitudes.
    No doubts he makes uncountable legacies and pave ways of progress to the industry but still as a king, other actors could have learn from him assuming he opt and fit himself into the size of the shoe.
    Refusing to cut his hair on no matter whatever role he is ask to play make the film less serious or reduces reality in it, his gesture of copying Bollywood 70 % of some of his films like Zuri’a and others makes his story creativity Questionable.
    No doubt he introduce many new faces to the industry but yet many Kannywood giants like him are yet to make some bold steps like introducing a new face and make him to lead the film, thus makes the future of young and upcoming artist uncertain.
    Him and some of his likes dominance and monopoly make the industry less competitive in terms of One man As a director, actor, story writer, and his company produce it. what a “chinye Duk”. He and his likes are very friendly in media e.g Radio or TV most especially on social media and close down their ears to admit and accept corrections, corrections without applying in their next films means we don’t accept or we don’t want it.
    Kannywood feature lies on U and your likes shoulders if you like you can change it or the opposite. Long live the King HBD.

  5. me too I will to say Happy birthday to king, sarki, jarumin maza, Ali zaki, and my Senior. I wish you long life and prosperity.


    its true Ali Nuhu past 40 years?
    You have to thank God Who gives you long life and health that is why you look like young as teenager.

    Allah sa ka zama kamar Shahrukh Khan yawan masoya

  7. Is my pride to salute the king of kannywood whose always bring us super stars which includes actors and actresses like sadiq sani sadiq, sadiq Ahmed, nafisa Abdullahi, Rahama sadau and much more.

    I will not hesitate tell my hero (Ali Nuhu) i am always loves u and your family.

  8. On this day 15 of March, precisely in the year 1974 on Friday, Juma’at Babban Rana. A genius was born to the Northern part of Nigeria, who is no any other person but the king of kanywood (Ali Nuhu) whose effort uplifted the standard of kanywood /Nollywood. A true compatriot, my great actor. We pray Allah to take you higher than your expectations and build you a family that will be strong enough to know when they are weak and brave enough to face challenges. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @realalinuhu @alinuhu wish you more successful years ahead.

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