Late Aisha Dan Kano

The sad news of Aisha Dan Kano’s death was met with disbelief from all Kannywood followers that when the news broke, most people were asking whether the actress was involved in a tragic accident. No surprise considering no one knows Aisha was ill for about a month. It was a sad day for the industry.

“When I was told about Aisha’s death,” said Baballe Hayatu. “I was really devastated.”

“I have been with Aisha for over 10 years, and when you live with someone for that period, they became your family.” Baballe added. “All she talk about every time we met recently was the wedding of her daughter Zainab, which was scheduled to hold last week.”

Showing us only the glimpse of her humility, Baballe said “She was a wonderful person, benevolent and you’ll never have a problem with her. I was really shocked.”

Most actors forge a reputation through the brilliance of their acting, but Aisha Dan Kano was different. Aisha’s stature was not formed by the things she did, but how she did them. When the news of her death broke, you find most people saying ‘Laa daya mai maganan nan? Eyya Allah ya jikan ta..’ ‘Mai maganan nan.’ Everyone talks, or read their lines in a movie, for Aisha Dan Kano, is how she say the words that it was impossible not to be heartened by the way she does it. She’s like the Kannywood’s female version of Raymond Reddington.

Audience love her boss lady and villainous roles in the movies. Her performances in Matan Gida, Uwar Mugu, Na Hauwa, Dillaliya, Na Maliya, Zawarawa etc will always be etched in the heart of Kannywood films followers. Although her performance in Uwar Mugu won her Best Villain in the last edition of Kannywood awards, you’d feel it’s not enough, for they were performances worthy of Best Actress award.

Think about it, our Kannywoodmovies would have been so incomplete and flavourless without an interesting character like Aisha Dan Kano, whose job more or less was to snatch lovers/husbands from the dutiful wife/girlfriend, torture the daughter-in-law, break up happy families etc.

In the end, though, what matters most aren’t measurable things like awards but how people were made to feel, and with those performances, Aisha has made us feel.

“She was a top actress, extraordinary,” Ali Gumzak, director of Zawarawa said. “She has something in her only few actresses in Kannywood possess.” He was right too. When Aisha Dan Kano died, Kannywood lost one of it’s rare gems.

May her soul rest in peace.

Written By: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz


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