Movie stars are accustomed to polite rivalry for coveted film roles, this is not unusual. It is generally known to have been happening in almost all the movie industries in the world, it can be tolerated to a reasonable level. In Hausa movie industry, rivalry took an awkward dimension by transcending to a level of insanity. Some actor(s), even believe that award glories are taking sides in an increasingly bitter dispute, thereby displaying rampage in their social media accounts. Making reference to the recent MTN award night, and the expression of Adam A Zango in his instagram account, the misconduct by his group (white house family) whom were busy chanting “sai buharin kannywood” at the award venue, their reactions after the award on social media accounts like instagram, are just too unbecoming; because there are matured ways for doing everything.

All that happened was a deliberate attempt, to taunt some actor(s). That a promising actor, who gave an immense contribution to the industry, will pay the supreme price for grooming and paving ways to other grown up actors, is nothing but a sad commentary. There is no question of searching for scapegoat in a horrendous misadventure for someone who lost an award. Losing an award is not an end to actor’s career, one can eventually win in future.

The unfortunate circumstance can be aligned to two major problems: The under performance or lack of doing anything by the governing bodies in the industry; where by any body can decide to jump in at any point in time without being screened or registered. Similarly, everybody is at liberty to do what ever he feels like, without any fear of punishment. Because the punishment mostly is only restricted to ladies, it is only an actress that can be subjected to punishment when she mistakenly stepped on somebody’s toe. For instance, the case of Nafisat Abdullahi and AFMAN, the recent case of Rahama Sadau and MOPPAN, following a threat by Adam A Zango to MOPPAN to deal with Rahama. These are few instances out of many!

And secondly, the high leveled illiteracy at some nooks and crannies of the industry: Fact to realize is, there are some errand boys whom have been poor, war mongering savages for years because they dislike anything concerning education. A medieval hate ideology perpetrated by few ill-mannered artist, who flew around on a ‘winged’ donkey, and had no control at all of their bestial urges, desires and distorted ego.

The misbehavior is intended to put words in Ali Nuhu’s mouth, the numerous attacks on instagram, the interview gave by Adam A Zango full of unguarded and unbecoming statements, yet, Ali Nuhu kept mute. This is quite exemplary show of maturity. Unlike the army of cyber intellectuals who invariably ridicule people on their friends list, threatening to block or unfollow dissenters, scorning well intentioned commenters for expressing their disappointment, or hurt on a particular point of view. Frankly, the up coming actors have got a lot to learn from the elderly, else public intellectuals will soon surpass them in arrogance and un-intellectual behaviour!

Scenarios like this should call for a reconciliation, the governing bodies should note this: No doubt that in any group setting, sooner or later, you will encounter conflict. It’s a challenge that comes with the territory.

The governing bodies should be serious, actors should be serious and stakeholders should also be serious. Reconciliation cannot walk in as a miracle, it has to start somewhere and things will work out. In the same vain, here is an urge for those who misbehave and enjoy misbehaving to change their mind setting, be civilized and act wise. They should how ever engage themselves in academics, there are lot number of schools between Kano and Kaduna. This will at least help matters, following the straight path makes one tolerant, balanced, patient, kind and humble. It also keeps you far from blind fanaticism and extremism. Remember, ideas can do more good than harm.!

Written by: Muhammad Mu’azu
Twitter: @ya_muhammad


7 thoughts on “Insanity In Kannywood: A Way Out!

  1. well said muhammad mu’azu,but,it seems to me like u hav taken side,if I shud go straight,ur writing favours ali nuhu despite d fact u didn’t mention name.I like both ali nuhu nd adam zango,in short i love kannywood.But one has to be just when correcting d wrongs of 2 members of d’same family,i.e ali nd adam of kannywood family.dis page is insufficient to express my view but I can put it in a summary as follows:ALI NUHU DA ADAM ZANGO DA RAHMA SADAU DA MOPPAN DA FURODUSOSHI DA DARAKTOCIN KANNYWOOD DUKKANSU KOWA YANA DA LAIFINSA DAI DAI SHI,kuma in har basu gyara ba to ba za a dena jin kansu ba.muhammad mu’azu ur article is cool nd I respect it,tunda dai duk acikin kulawa ne.

    1. Why did you said he’s taking side? Did Ali Nuhu say a word? Did he go to media and say rubbish? Up to now, did you hear a word from him? Know what to say please

  2. I like that. Dat’s why I
    said Ali Nuhu is NOT in
    conflict with Adam A.
    Zango or rather Zango
    is misbehaving to his
    Boss. I think he (Zango)
    should be called to

  3. I like that. Dat’s why I said Ali Nuhu is in conflict with Adam A. Zango or rather Zango is misbehaving to his Boss. I think he (Zango) should be called to order.

    1. People should fear Allah , whe you see a quality you dislike in person, examen your self first to see if that quality exist in you.never be too quick to judge

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