We all thought and hoped that everything that happened between Rahma Sadau, Ali Artwork and Adam A Zango has became part of kannywood history after Rahma Sadau apologized to Adam A Zango on phone and in public through her instagram account. Ali Artwork also did the same to Ali Nuhu for insulting him. While Adam A  Zango ends everything and cut-ties with his friend and master that is Ali Nuhu.

It doesn’t just end there, on Wednesday Rahma Sadau received a letter of suspension for six month from Motion Pictures Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN)

Reacting to the ban when Kannywoodscene contacted him, director Aminu Saira described the ban as flawed and MOPPAN should have considered Rahma Sadau’s apology and put the matter to rest. “If Allah encourages us to repent, why should MOPPAN discourage this; why shouldn’t Rahma’s apology be considered”?

Saira also said that banning Rahma is an indirect punishment to the producers currently working with her. He added that they only saw the news of Rahma’s ban on social and if MOPPAN were really protecting the interest of Kannywod atleast one of her producers would’ve been contacted about the issue. On the allegation that none of the elders from the industry cautioned Rahma about what she did Saira said: “14 minutes after Rahma’s post on Instgram I called Ali Nuhu, who isn’t aware of it and told him to ask her to remove that post and Ali Nuhu didn’t only asked Rahma to remove it, but made her write an apology via same platform.”

Umar Kofar Mazugal is one of Rahma’s producers and chief producer of one of Kannywood’s biggest banners; UK Entertainments. Commenting on the ban, Umar described MOPPAN as “ignorant, biased and baseless organization that contributes nothing to the development of the industry.” He added that Rahma was slated to star in his next gigantic project KASA TA and MOPPAN ban won’t stop him from casting her.

Director Yaseen Auwal rejected the suspension too, describing it as “one-sided” penalty. His reason was, if Rahma will be suspended what becomes of Ali Artwork who committed same crime? “If Rahma’s apology is not accepted for disrespecting Adam Zango then Adam has to be punished for disrespecting Ali Nuhu too” He added

Kannywoodscene contacted one of the MOPPAN elders Falalu Dorayi to shed more light on the issue, he told us that he isn’t aware of the ban. The news is just media fabrications and rumours from the industry. However, he gave us the number of the chairman of the panel, Afakallah.

The chairman confirm to us that Rahma was indeed suspended for six month. When asked whether Rahma still deserve the ban after she aplogized he said: “This is not the first time she breaks the law of this Association. We warned her before, she disrespected the panel and misbehaved during hearing. We are not happy with her responses. So that’s the verdict, she got what she deserved.” On their decision to pardoned Ali Artwork, Afakallah said: “This is the first time we find him with at fault and he behaved well before the panel committee, he admitted his mistake, so we asked him to write an apology letter to Ali Nuhu, MOPPAN and other parties.”

Afakallah also said; whoever has pending contract with Rahma should write to the Association, they would come up with professional solution. He added that it would be of no use for any producer to casts Rahma within this six months. Everything is written and filed to censorship board, should she acted in your movie within the time frame your movie won’t be released!

On the question, why the association only ban females actors in the industry while ignoring so many cases of misconduct from male counterparts, he said: “That’s not true, if you go through history you will find that we penalized a lot of male artist including Adam Zango and he respect the judgment and served his punishment.”

To tell how rejected the MOPPAN decision was in the eyes of other filmmakers, last night during the dinner party celebration of Sadiq Sani Sadiq’s recent success in MTN kannywood award. G-TOP spokesperson Yaseen Auwal officially declares  “non-compliance with the suspension of Rahma sadau since MOPPAN decisions are not just.” He said that: “G-TOP as the mother company of Saira Movies, Kabugawa Productions, Asnanic Movietone, UK Entertainment etc will continue to work with Rahma Sadau.”

Written by:
Usman Muhammad Manga
Twitter: @nuruzamaan


12 thoughts on “GTop Disagrees With MOPPAN on Rahma’s Suspension.

  1. I wonder why Adam Zango’s name comes up any time an actress is suspended. And the reason is always not professional but personal relationship. And he has the highest number of girls he had relationship with in the industry; Maryam Booth, Zainab Indomie, Nafisa Abdullahi, Maryam A.B. Yola, and now Rahama Sadau. Both my husband & I are fans of Zango but I will not fail to say my mind on the observation I’ve made.

  2. Menene laifinta don ta tona asirin adam zango?ko kuwa moppan suna nufin yafi karfin hukunci ne?ko kuma dai ita rahma sharri tayi masa shiyasa ta bashi hakuri?

  3. very good dats justice…….when nafisa was suspended no1 came out to talk but bcox she apologised they agreed i tink dat would serve as a lesson to rahma sadau and others……..sorry rahama stop feelin urself like a star…..d real stars neva call themselves stars may allah protect u kanywood

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