The FKD and Adam A Zango’s White House Family saga took another twist when an interview with Adam came out yesterday. In his response, Adam explained what happened with Rahma Sadau and then drop the bombshell; that his relationship with Ali Nuhu is no more.

Trying to make the sense of what happened or is happening would be hard. Even harder writing about it when words like ‘bias’ will be thrown at you, or based on the odd dichotomy that people like hearing what they want to hear but get angry about reading things they already know. Whatever way you look at it, a feud between Ali Nuhu and Adam A Zango shouldn’t be happening.

Most people rightly pointing to Rahma Sadau as the genesis of all this brawl. They are right, her unwise instagram abuses to Adam didn’t do her any favours after he removed her in his latest movie; Duniya Makaranta. Although Rahma later apologized, that didn’t stop Ali Artwork from abusing not only Rahma but Ali Nuhu. Another unwise decision.

To Rahma’s camp, she’s already removed her self from the movie after a certain Sulaiman – Adam’s media manager insulted her on instagram saying she’s not good enough for the film or to her instagram post that she’s out because she turned down Adam’s love.

As he responded in the interview he did with KannywoodEx, Adam didn’t deny what Rahma allegedly said about Sulaiman insulting her. He said it could be the reason why Rahma did what she did. But he said that Rahma was removed for “personal reasons”. However, in the interview he shared on his twitter page with Kannywoodinsight, Adam explained that his misunderstanding with Rahma is an old one which dated back to when she refused to act in his film NAS. Adding that the reason why he removed her in Duniya Makaranta is that the actress showed “ignorance” to their arrangement when he met her en route Zaria. And because the movie posters have already been printed and distributed in social media, that made him angry.

Whichever version of the story you choose to believe, this is clearly started as a fight between an actor who happened to be a producer and an actress over a movie. This is still happening in other movie industries. Whilst Adam and Rahma aren’t in good terms since NAS debacle, they managed to agree to disagree without the general public knowing much about it.

There is too much finger-pointing now, and Adam’s revelation that he’s done with Ali Nuhu has taken the story into another twist. Everyone knows their relationship You’d thought whatever happens Ali and Adam would resolve it between them.

These are two great actors that have been together for more than a decade and became like family. Adam was an FKDian, its where he grew up and learn the trade under the guidance of Ali Nuhu. You can fish out many interviews where Adam himself attested to that. Saying he was famous before he met Ali Nuhu would be akin to Cristiano Ronaldo saying he’s been famous at Sporting Lisbon even before he signed for Manchester United.

All I’m trying to say, although such things happens in the movie industry, the bond that we all know exist between Ali Nuhu and Adam A Zango is of master and an apprentice and should be more than some of the unnecessary things we are reading. Unless there’s more to it that we don’t know. Upon all the instagram foolishness, you’d thought none of Ali, Adam or even Rahma would come to media talking about it anytime soon.

Adam’s interview was meant to defend himself and there’s nothing wrong with that. But giving out two separate interviews is a sign of desperation someone like Adam should avoid.

You only hope we’ve heard the end of this saga but considering Kannywood’s obsession with sequels, you never say never.

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Written by: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: aaramz


28 thoughts on “Between Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango and Rahma Sadau

  1. Zango lack of education is stil disturbing u pls grow up, ali is far far beta dan you, an intelligent guy is alway an intelligent guy. Rahma tafi karfi ka, she is nt does type u molest. Stp acting lyk a bush guy zango try an enrol ur sef in schools.

  2. Zango lyyk of education is stil disturbing u pls grow, ali is far far beta dan you, an intelligent pple is alway an intelligence pple. Rahma tafi karfi ka, she is nt does type u molest. Stp acting lyk a bush guy zango try an enrol ur sef in schools.

  3. wat i hve to say hre is dat oga zango an oga ali are all peacefull pple i don think a lady came an seperate u pple just 4get about her an came 2geder dis is my advise to u bcos u are my guys shafi’u kabir bawa from sokoto

  4. pls Adamu zango and Ali nuhu, u are both matured stop d saga in d name of (Allah) u are best actor we rely on dont demoralise us! afterall sadau is a small girl she shoudnt b d causre of ur frndshp

  5. pls Adamu zango and Ali nuhu, u are both matured stop d saga in d name of (Allah) u are best actor we rely on dont demoralise us! afterall sadau is a small girl she shoudnt b d cause of ur frndshp

  6. rahama sadau,d big-mouth possessor,ur entrance into d industry,create loggerhead nd eye to eye enemity-watch b/w d 2 stas of d industry(a zango nd alinuhu).u beta fnd d solution 2 dis pblm occuring ritnow u ur self.

  7. since from the beginning,a great person in an industry like ali nuhu,when ever he want to employ someone into the great and insha-allahu everlasting industry like kannywood,should atleast take a special&very sensible look at his or her characters&how his or her actions,respects&other individual’s good-identifying behaviours look like,especially females.the most proudly&closest friend/partner is adam a zango to alinuhu in an industry b4.sincerely speaking,a zango is my luvly-deserved actor,cos i’m respecting his ages,actions&his daily shows in d industry.who d hell is rahama sadau&her bloody-unconcious actions in an industry.if to ask ali,b/w rahama sadau&zango,who has contributed alot with his power,targets,gud missions&eyes-watch in d building up of industry’s progress?d answer here will not b above letter(a)option instead of letter(r) industry is like a stream or an ocean,while rahama s. is just like a very tiny stone thronwned into such stream in order to live like living individuals in d stream.having got this opportunity&chance,does’nt mean dat she,on any circumstances,scatter some parts of d industry,talkless of making two-tied heads to got misunderstood n finally got aparted.d relationship b/w ali&zango is now no more.can sadau tells us how much profits did she gain out of digging only two strongest roots of industry’s leafy-tree n cut d two into pieces?was dat her life’s ambition throughout her living in d industry.sadau,this is bullshirt,shameful&bad deeds of you!

  8. Ali nuhu is not the target no matter what had happened Adam shouldnt have to be so rude to Ali, he is truely a mad seeing he has a power to stand on to his achievement , this is truely madness , only halfwit,blockhead like Adam can do such stupidity …

  9. Adam, Ali Nd Rahma, Do Not Bother Yourselve About Ths Nonsense, Iife Is Full Of Joy, Bitter Nd Challenges.
    No Thing Cames Easy, If U Contineu Like Ths, U W’ll Open The Door 4 Ur Enermies. U’re To Be Patient!!!
    Adam! Master Is A Master, Never Neglect Human.

    1. gaskiya abu bai yi dadi ba a farko;
      amma tun da kun shirya sai kuyi fim Ku ukun wato Ali,Rahma da adam zango.
      that will surely captured viewers.

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