It’s no longer a news that Rahama Sadau accused Adam A Zango on Instagram for de-casting her in his movie just because she turned down his love, less than 12 hours later she became apologetic and regrets her action.

It’s also not a news that Ali Artwork who’s identified by many as Adam Zango’s longtime ally boldly insulted Ali Nuhu and his late mother, yet again insulted Rahama Sadau by calling her a “whore” and remain unapologetic as at the time when this report was gathered.

All things started when Rahma Sadau made this statement as quoted on Instagram: “Why are people feeling so important in this life? Look, right before you de-cast me in your movie I hav already done that. Because am not that cheap to beg for what you are thinking of. Declining Your Love will not take me down. I AM RAHMA SADAU, and I made it to the peak of where I wanted to be without you, @de_prince_zango I don’t need a senseless people to contribute more to my career. I have ALLAH and the right man that always stand by me no matter how I become @realalinuhu…. I don’t give a F**k Mr. ***”

After few hours she became apologetic and wrote this again; “… I was so childish, disrespectful and stupid yesterday. For that, I want to send my warm apology to @de_prince_zango and the entire members of White House family. Plus my directors for making me realize my mistakes and wrong doings….”

Some genuine sources confirmed to Kannywoodscene that Ali Nuhu was oblivious of the first statement written by Rahama on her Instagram page, Aminu Saira was among those who alerted him to warn Sadau against such unlawful utterances which a moment later she posted the apology to Adama Zango and the entire members of his entourage. Although the actress wrote the apology in both English and Hausa version to understanding of the addressee, not long before the culprit launched a series of insult to Ali Nuhu and his mother as well as Rahama Sadau. The culprit used Rahma’s page where she posted a poster of her new movie by UK Entertainment titled Suma Matane with Sadiq Sani Sadiq and others.

It wasn’t so long after Artwork’s post that closest Ali Nuhus allies like Mansur Sadiq, Ramadan Booth and many others in Kano reported the incident to police in which Artwork was nowhere to be found. When the police visited his parent house with arrest warrant he wasn’t home, the only found his ill father and mother, instead they arrested his brother and asked his mother to sermon him to the station in order to get the other innocent brother out which she did. Artwork was given a chance to apologize to Ali Nuhu for his imbecility which he repudiated and said he’d rather rotten in jail than apologize. After he (Ali Artwork) spend a couple of days in police custody he confessed that is Adam A Zango who inveigled him to insult Ali Nuhu as well as Rahama Sadau. Kannywoodscene tried to reach Adam to hear his take on Artwork’s confession but he rejected all the calls times without number. It wasn’t a surprise knowing that Adam Zango once insulted Kannywoodscene reporter, accused all the media and journalists for publishing negative reports on him except Al’ameen Ciroma and Leadership.

Unconfirmed sources informed Kannywoodscene that some guys who believed to be Adam’s boys were using Artwork’s picture on their BBM and WhatsApp DP (Display Picture) praising his action by calling him names as “Jarumin Maza” “Na gaban Adamu” etc. Similarly, a group of young men led by Rabiu A Zango raided Rahama Sadau’s saloon and vandalized her belongings worth hundreds of thousands. In the same vein some of Adams allies were calling and threatening to kill Ali Nuhu’s allies, thank God it was recorded, but this is serious!

One could say the genesis of the problem started from the just concluded MTN/KannyAwards which left Adam Zango trophy less he even express his anger on social media too. At same award night Adam’s boys called him names that may create tension if and only if Ali Nuhu’s boys were…. It could also be the “love thing”. Yes, it was clear that Adam asked her out but she rejected and he de-cast her, she insulted him and later on apologized. Some people said is Ali Nuhu that forced her to apologize. Okay if Ali Nuhu can forced Rahama to say sorry to Adam even though she has all the legal right to debunk his request why wouldn’t he (Adam) asked his boy Artwork to apologize? In fact the breach between Artwork and Ali Nuhu is unbridgeable. You may begin to wonder, with all the contribution that Ali Nuhu gave to Adam on his way up the ladder, with all the support and protection, what wrong has Ali Nuhu did to deserve this in return? Or is it another way of showing appreciation? Can Adamu really do what Artwork said? Why is he silent if he’s innocent? I believe something is fishy somewhere, MOPPAN and AFMAN are watching and the culprits behind all these must bring to book or this will open room for others to be insolent against stakeholders.

It has come to our notice that Globacom, Samsung and OMO want to file law suits against Ali Artwork to claim damage for insulting their ambassador and his late mother.

Written by;
Nura Abubakar
FLTA (Hausa)
Department of African Languages and Literature
University of Wisconsin Madison.
Twitter: @Noorer
Facebook: Nura Abubakar


46 thoughts on “Adam Zango Inveigled me to Insult Ali Nuhu – Ali Artwork.

  1. Hmmmm sonkai kuna da matsala don kunason ali nuhu bashi kesa kuna xagin wani ba tunda duk cikin ku babu wanda akayi agabansa kuma ai cikin wan nan labari akan iya samun kuren magana soooo watch ur tongue guys ban da sonkai da xagin wani akan ali nuhu san duk musulmai ne allah ya basu hakuri cox kowa yana fushi idan kayi fushi xaka iya aika komai

  2. Adam a zango kayi abin kunya abin mamaki wadda mukam yafarasamu tunanin Kai butulune kokuma bakasan mai makaba yanxu Ali nuhu kuma komeye akacema akansa Kai baraka kareshibane sannan waye Ali artwork kuma meye yataba tsinanamaka a rayuwa Ali nuhu meyene baimaba a rayuwa Ali artwork din banzama wofikawai.

  3. huhh::.gaskiya al,amarin beyi kyau ba wlh dominn ba dadi kamar ali da zango ace wannan abin yafaru tsakaninsu.duk da cewa ni aganina artwork ne keda laifi sosoe domin lokacin da rahama ta xagi boss dinshi to ita ce yakamata amaidama raddi ba boss dintaba saboda shi besan abinda ke faruwa tsakaninsu ba,sannan cewa yanke hulda da xango yayi tsakaninshi da ali kuskure ne babba,domin baxai gane ba yanxu se wani lokaci……….

  4. indeed, i dnt knw why u guys ar nt undestanding the fact, dont fail to frankly judge pple just becouse u hate them

  5. There are kings and there are kings but when the real king speak I.e Ali Nuhu,other fake prince I.e zango,maintain absolute silent…by Allah Ali nuhu you are wonderful….

  6. Three GBOSA for Ali Nuhu…Mansur sadiq,ramalan booth & odas realy deserves to be identity as a good companion!!!! I love you all for standing firmly to the one & only present king of kannywood,ALI NUHU… sure zango will be regreting his negative actions/deed as well as his white house entourage..Three EYYA for white house crew.!!!!! HaHaHaHa su zango anji jiki.@Islam the upcoming star insha Allah from MX city 9ja…..

  7. let me say that Adam a Zango is cretin, a soul who entirely lack his sense, he is the responsible to all these staggerings, he deserve insult . Since he said he was done with Ali let us see what he can do without the Ali.

  8. Ali nuhu Allah ne gatan ka,mala’iku su ke gadin ka,ka zama yayyafi Mai hana kana nan kwari shanya,ka zama zaki a daji,kowa kasa aiki Baya musa Ma,dawisu abun ka na Allah ne,ruwan sama ba a Hana ka gyara,gama ji ya saurara,Nan da wasu ”en lokaci kadan ZANGO zai Tsaya gaban Ali nuhu dan nadamar abunda ya aikata,,daga masoyan ka Ali Nuhu na garin minna@wAheEd & iSlAm kannywood upcoming st***Ss insha Allah…….

  9. All animals Roms the jungle but the jungle belongs to the LION!!!! Oga Ali nuhu never mind the illegal utterances from the mouth of the illiterate crew I.E white house family@let call a spay a spay Zango you are ungratful toward your lord and even your boss…FROM kannywood upcoming star raising from MX city,NIGER state

  10. All animals Roms the jungle but the jungle belongs to the LION!!!! Oga Ali nuhu never mind the illegal utterances from the mouth of the illiterate crew I.E white house family@let call a spay a spay Zango you are ungratful toward your lord and even your boss……..ALI NUHU ka zama ZAKI a daji,dole kasa ZANGO aiki kuma babu Wanda Zai taimaka Mai.ali nuhu ka zama ruwan sama ba a Hana ka gyara,,dawisu abinka na Allah ne FROM kannywood upcoming star raising from MX city,NIGER state!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The confession by Ali artwork is baseless but forceful. I so much doubt the inveiglement by Adamu A zango whom was in real sense, too royal and respectful to Ali Nuhu whom himself as a matter of fact cannot deny that Adamu was loyal and respectful to him. If truly Adamu eventually decided to have a vengeance, he must have had it appropriately on Rahama not her boss. We should all the time try to understand the danger of a single part of story. A story is always incomplete except all parties’ statements are being critically analysed. I believe Ali artwork wrong confession was as a result of his long-stay in cell or he was likely forced by police to utter such statement which could be used against Adamu and at the same time to attract public sympathy in favour of Ali Nuhu. I know how police frames innocent people and put a word in their mouth. I strongly believe Ali Artwork was infuriated by Rahama’s mischevious action to his Boss not inveigled by him. I think we should focus on how best to offer advices on reconciliation between them and a way forward in kannywood.  Kannywood needs our advices as viewers. I urge all parties involved to please exercise patience as that is the only way to have a smoother ground upon which any star can professionally showcase his/ her talent . In fact, Kannywood has started deviating  from the right track of promoting our culture as asserted and condemned by Kannywoodscene whose effort I will like to acknowledge immensely. Taking kannywood to a greater level requires a synergy from all stakeholders, not from a single production nor from a single star no matter the fame he/ she possesses. So one should be treated with disdain or contemptuously but equally. Thanks

  12. Yeah, Ali Nuhu was my luvly actor but I have to said this to both of them “let them take their time and think about what actual cause this problem to them from the finial and try all the possible ways to solve the problem themselves” if not, where are the intelligent people around them, people like Aminu Saira, Falalu Dorayi, Ali Gumzak, Yaseen Awwal, Koki. Tantiri, and the rest of you, why don’t you try what you are giving to them as direction when film making, apply your intelligency in finding solution to this problem. we are waiting for you. With much respect the King of Kannywood @Ali Nuhu

  13. shedan ne kesan shige sakaniku realing ali zango rahma n artwrk every1 has mistake bt pls bear with urselves 4give each other from ur luvly fansy

  14. Hmmmn thats my beloved Kannywood! though Am a grt fan of both Ali Nuhu,Adam and at the same time Rahma Sadau but then, its all in our know that we are all human and some time terrible things like that must happened in our life. Ammma Gaskiya if at all Adam invegled Artwork to do such, then Adam did wrong what brings Ali into this? Harda Yakai Da Mum Dinsa? Haba this is truly In matured act. No mater what u didn’t support to utter that pls. Ammmma Am calling on both of them to remained calm towards the issue and gets a simple and easier solution to settle their self. cox if they will continue like this the wood will be down seriously down to the ground level! I said it…

  15. Hm!…”Ali Nuhu”… i can describe this middle aged man as a “gud manager”,he knows how to tackle with small picky guys like what so called prince(the prince of wic we dont even knw where it is derived) and an illiterate Ali artwork…if i can ask artwork;what is your gain for insulting Ali Nuhu?…an individual who is always looking toward peaceful living with his actionmate…Ali Nuhu take heart pls(be patient),they always want see u down while Allah is with you,…we will keep on praying for u…neva mind them.KAI DASHE NE DAGA ALLAH,DOLE SUN BUGA SUN BARKA…..YARO BAI SAN WUTA SAI YA TAKA….YAUSHE YASAN DADIN KUDI DA HAR YA FARA TARA YARA MASU TSAURIN IDO!,MUN SAN ASALIN BALBELA BADAN HAKA BA ITA SAI TACE ………..CIGABA DA ADDUA ALI NUHU ALLAH YANA TARE DAKAI.

  16. hmm!!! dukkan laifi kai tsaye rahama sadau itace ta daya domin itace ta fara zagin zango, amma gaba daya kun juyar da maganar kan cewa zango shine me laifi bawan allan da har yanzu baice komai ba, kudai burinku ku hada rikici tsakanin adamu da ali nuhu kuma allah bazai baku nasara ba.
    artwork dai shima ya bawa ali hakuri a instagram, sai kuma me??
    kuma wlh kannywood scene munafukai ne baku da gsky ko kadan kuma bakwa adalci.
    shin shi zango ba mutum bane??
    shin shi ba a ci zarafinsa ba??
    me yasa shi sanda rahama ta zageshi bakuyi posting akanta ba??
    ko zagin kowa laifine zagin ali ne kawai laifi??
    duka a police station nasa mutum yayi karya koya amsa laifi koda kuwa bashine ya aikata ba, shin itama rahama sadau an daketa kamar yadda aka daki artwork a police station??
    duk me hankali yasan profaganda kawai kuke yadawa, yakamata idan mutum daya kuke karewa ku canja sunanku izuwa nashi misali: alinuhu scenes tunda naga duk ayyukanku don shi kuke yi.

  17. I remember Rahma Sadau telling that the greatest mistake an actress could make is being inlove with someone in the industry. Nice to see Queen keeping her words.

  18. Gaskia Zango kaji kunya yanxun baka ga wanda zaka Cima mutunci ba sai Ali nuhu…. Ko da yake, ance Dan Adam butulu. Ko ka manta da abin da Ali nuhu yayi ma a rayuwa ne. Uhmmmm Ali nuhu yazama maka kamar uba a industry.

  19. Ali artwork ya dai gani,ALI NUHU has CLASS! if ali nuhu allows SAMSUNG,OMO N GLO 2 file law suit against him,not even his so called GOD FATHER prince zango can stop him(ali artwork) 4rm suffering @alinuhu dan lele ne

  20. Amma adam anji kunya in adai ali artwork ba sharri yayi maka ba’SHAME ON U’ ai @ali nuhu dan lelenmu ne,kaga sunan sa ganin nan barin nan,kai kuma BUTULU be very careful!

  21. No good deed goes un punished as the saying goes. Right? So he should be the bigger man with the bigger heart and ignore the insults, it may be hard but it can be done! Wish every one with a pure mind luck in all their endavours……..

  22. you guys don’t breaks the good deed,respect,corditial reletionship exist btw adam and ali more than a decade ago. Gossip always yield bad result. These 2 issue can be solve amicably without hindering dr mutation. Rahma nd artwk are newly existed ambassadors represent dr masters that can act on dr own will. Always looks the best consideration to be considered

  23. Ali nuhu nd Adam a zango don girman Allah kuyi hakuri da juna kuma kuyafewa juna daman zomu zauna zo musaba haka zaman yagada hakurin shine d best daman sai ancutar da mutum ake bashi hakuri, amatsayi na na yaron ku nake kara bada hakuri Allah yashige mana gaba, rahama sadau da Ali artwork da duk wanda yabada gudunmawa wurin zagin Ali nuhu da Adam zango basu kyauta ba sai akiyaye. Dis life is all about forgiving each orther pls @realAlinuhu nd de prince zango Allah yasa mudace yakuma kara hadakawunan mu Ameen.

  24. Ali Artwork did a very big mistake by abusing Ali Nuhu and his late mother, he deserved to be punished by the law.

  25. People’s like Adam A Zango are not grateful, Ali Nuhu was the first person who lights the future of the boy, not even his Father, so he played important role in making you complete man.

  26. Perhaps, I may be wrong or right to state that good upbringing, education and positive common sense is so vital in Ali Nuhu’s scandalous-free filmology. And this, I can say is what the trouble maker lacks. Thus, I will like to urge Sadik Sani Sadik (SSS) to take advantage of his every mistake to bag more awards. Man, remember, awards are won in line with your performatic success not with thug life. Ali has been the Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Maradona and Pele of Kannywood. I mean he is the King if not the god in this theatre. U are an apparentice to him, and nothing more than that. My thought is this; you will be as goog as A. S. Nuhu from acting and moral point of view! What an irony!!!!!!!! Please, rethink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We shall jst keep praying for the best.n I pray alk of them knew all their mistake. N dat too bad of ali artwork. .Ai ko ba komai Ali is still ur boss too.Adam kuma Allah ya ganan da shi.rahama kuma Allah ya bata hakuri. I

      1. Meye naba Rahma hakuri kuma, bayan ita ta fara yin laifi? Magananki akwai sonkai tunda har zakice Zango ya gyara, Rahma kuma tayi hakuri

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