After the successful presentation of best five figures of 2014, here comes another birds eye view of top five actresses in 2014.


Hadiza Aliyu Gabon: Gabon seems to have overshadowed all the actresses with her array of blockbusters; Basaja Takun Farko, Tsumagiya, early in the year, Daga Ni Sai Ke and recently Ali Gaga Ali. Her performance in Daga Ni Sai Ke earned her best actress statue and stands taller than others in FimHausa’s poll. Remember she won the best actress (jurors) in the just concluded MTN/KannyAwards. Therefore, Hadiza Gabon is the overall best actress in 2014.


Nafisat Abdullahi: The only good movies I could see Nafisa featured in last year were Munafukin Mata and ‘Ya Daga Allah. Nevertheless, her tremendous performances kept her ball rolling within the circle of best actresses in Kannywood. In the year 2014 Nafisat Abdullahi signed an ambassadorship contract with MTN, started her production and grabbed the popular choice award for best actress MTN/KannyAwards.


Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya: It is obvious that Tsamiya’s performance throughout 2014 was highly tremendous. Movies like Ranar Baiko, Hanyar Kano, Dakin Amarya, Haihuwa and etc. Miss Aliyu won the best actress award in the fifth City People Entertainment Awards.  Moreover, she hit the jackpot by signing ambassadorship contract with MTN.


Rahma Sadau: With her outstanding performance and dancing skills, Rahma won the best new actress award in the fifth City People Awards. It is not easy to compete with other veterans, but Rahma is the most sought after actress in the industry.


Halima Atete: Her performance in Dakin Amarya, Daga Murna, Dan Malam etc cannot be disregarded. Atete was honored with the best supporting actress in the City People Awards.

It is my singular honor to say your performances and achievements are worth counting. Looking forward seeing the best in you this year.

Written by: Hafsat Lalo
Twitter @Grtsunnist.


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