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Let me tell you a secret: Everybody loves Nafisat Abdullahi. Well, the few creatures that didn’t admit it, and the fewer that denied it relied largely on the much advertised ‘personality’ thing. They have their point, but I think it’s better to have a personality than to have no personality at all; and having a personality means not everybody is going to like it, right? After all her boldness and sheer determination embodied in her personality were among elements what brought her back to business recently after an attempted ‘Flush away’…. Wait!!! I haven’t started at the very beginning, right? Not my fault, it is much like the subject I am talking about- She technically had no beginning: she was right into stardom after the release of her first movie, SAI WATA RANA.

Nafisa Abdullahi was born on 23th of January, 1991 in Jos, Plateau State. Her father was from Kano while her mother was a Plateau. She attended her primary and secondary schools in Jos, thereafter she moved to University of Jos and obtained a degree in Theatre Arts. She’s currently a graduate of Unijos and living with her elder sister in Filin Sukuwa, Jos Plateau state.

She ventured into acting in 2009 and became notable after featuring in FKD’s Saiwatarana, with her path to stardom also starting from there. She became Kannywood leading/most sought-after actress in 2011/2012, and although her status of being the most sought-after actress is debatable, she’s still arguably the most talented actress in Kannywood.

Nafisa is very passionate about acting; her seriousness and concentration brings genuine touch of reality to her characters. Her versatility that makes her able to portray any character is obvious. You can give her almost 100% at serious and tragic roles. Watch Baban Sadiq and Lamiraj and you would swear with God that She’s truly undergoing the experience. She displayed raw emotions in both films especially Baban Sadiq forcing me to cry while watching the film. She is also an A-list actress when it comes to villainy. Watch Rabin Jiki and Makashinka, and you will feel like jumping into the screen and bringing her breath to an end because of her villain. Yet, she fits into an innocent and vulnerable roles perfectly. Watch Sultan and Ruwan Jakara and tell me that she can’t play religious. Nafisat was never actually seen acting comedic roles, but I tell you it’s only a matter of time before she wins your applause on that one as her first comedy film, Bakuwar Salmanu, is underway. In Kannywood, dancing is a great bonus, and I think I don’t have to say anything here to even someone who rarely watches Kannywood movies.

In terms of achievement, few actors (present and past) could rub shoulders with Nafisat. She featured in over 60 movies out of which more than 20 were hits. In addition, she received more than 5 awards in acting categories. Nafisa is at the moment, one of the ambassadors of the leading Telecommunication Networks in Nigeria. She unveiled her own Production house last month, Feenah Abdul Productions Nigeria Limited and will soon be on set of her first film, Guguwar So.

Some Kannywood viewers views Nafisat as an unlively, unfriendly personality and she also clarified this notion in a recent chart with Kannywoodscene saying she cannot change herself according to her career, and that’s not bad because, firstly, she is friendly in her own way, and secondly, a lady has to have some degree of self-reservation. Her interaction with her fans can’t be graded below ‘okay’ even by people in unhappy terms with her personality. She is straight-forward, and although some people mistake her straight-forwardness for “rudeness”, their perceptions seems absurd whenever she is remarked of having the highest number of fans among the actresses.

An epitome of success, classy, scintillating stunner; Nafisat is arguably the best kannywood actress to ever hit screen. She’s among the most serious and passionate actresses ever experienced. A true Kannywood veteran: She’s Madubin Dubawa, Lamiraj, ‘Ya Daga Allah. She’s Nafisa Abdullahi, most popularly known as Saiwatara.

Written by: Hafsat Muhammad Lalo
Twitter: @grtsunnist


4 thoughts on “The Scintillating Stunner

  1. Hmmmmm, Hafsat said it all in fact, I have no comment to add up to this but then….its Nafisa so I have to talk when its come to her issue always, (THE SCINTILLATING STUNNER) she is unique in her way of acting/life. She is just been her.

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