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BBC Media Action is aimed at using the influence of media to support people shape their own lives. In Nigeria for example, the action which includes programs such as Gatanan Gatanku, Mu tattauna, story story, talk your own, is in existence for over a decade. Unfortunately, the action was only able to engage only about thirteen million people which is relatively inadequate. As part of its International development charity, BBC is now keen to work with Kannywood to provide information and stimulate positive changes across northern Nigeria.

Therefore, this year the program seeks to widen its horizon by collaborating with kannywood, Nigeria’s booming Hausa movie industry with arguably more than a hundred million fans and followers across Africa. Kannywood will help in passage of information on mainly Health and Governance related matters by giving 10-20 minutes of film footage as the entire film filmed on such matters is liable to be boring. The footage for instance, will showcase the causes, effect, and action to be taken on some killer diseases like malaria, cholera, Ebola, HIV/Aids etc. Similarly, Governance issues such as the responsibilities of government to its citizens and vice versa would not be left out. General public will be educated on their civil rights such as of speech, expression, right to vote and be voted for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On its part, and which is also partly in-line with the above objectives, some quota of kannywood filmmakers which include but not limited to actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters and marketers met after the three day Seminar with BBC, and unanimously agreed to sacrifice a month or two out of their tied schedules to take a tour around northern Nigeria to enlighten people on the coming election and sympathize with them on the prevalent conditions in the country.

Among the participants are; Yakubu Muhammad, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Adam A. Zango, Ali Nuhu, Rahama Sadau, Hadiza Ali Gabon, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya, Halima Atete, Rabiu Rikadawa, Aminu Saira, Kamal S. Alkali, Sani Rambo, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq among others.

People are living largely in the dark, terrified and anxious of the present and the future. Well, members of Kannywood have agreed to let out the pent up steam, sensitize people on the forthcoming election and sympathize with fellow citizens over the calamity that took the region by storm.

Nura Abubakar,
Fulbright FLTA (Hausa)
University of Wisconsin Madison. USA
Twitter: Noorer

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5 thoughts on “BBC Media Action in Collaboration With Kannywood.

  1. BBC is known to have a very wide coverage especially in northern Nigeria, and so is the Kannywood industry. A colabration of the two is surely symbiotic. I wish & hope it benefits the audians its being made for.

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