ANNOUNCEMENT: To contribute toward fight against piracy, the makers of ALI yaga ALI will reward buyers of their ORIGINAL DVD with prizes such as Android phones, DVD players, Generators, scratch cards, etc. Questions will be announced on TV, Radio and internet channels. All you have to do is to buy ORIGINAL ALI yaga ALI DVD, watch attentively and answer the questions. Remember! Winners will be required to present evidence of purchase of original DVD. Good luck!

Three things are certain: 1- Death, 2- NEPA will interrupt the light, 3- Aminu Saira/Ali Nuhu combination always pays off. The third is, well, atleast an expectation that will come packaged along with Kabugawa Production’s ALI yaga ALI as it arrives market Wednesday, 26th of November.

The audience of Hausa movies has all every reason to be optimistic. Oh yes! There is no question that ALI yaga ALI delivers in terms of visual spectacles (Watch the trailer here) as the movie is bathed with gorgeous photography. Also it seems to have all the trendy, carefully chosen ingredients for a comedy-on-its-sleeve drama hit- an attractive cast, sharp dialogue, laugh-out-loud backs-and-forths and a beloved director.

Funny, tense and loaded with drama, ALI yaga ALI is a story of a cheating couple Ali Nuhu and Jamila Nagudu. Unaware of each other’s presence one day, we have the husband Ali Nuhu bringing his girlfriend Hadiza Gabon, and the wife Jamila Nagudu bringing her boyfriend Sadiq Sani Sadiq to their villa. Jamila Nagudu, in a moment, finds herself playing dual characters, one side of her afraid and anxious, and the other, jealous and aggressive. Her panicky boyfriend Sadiq Sani Sadiq is trapped in a toilet carrying his boss’ shop’s key with the boss angrily threatening to sack him. Her husband Ali Nuhu is cheating on her with another woman Hadiza Gabon, the woman she feels obliged to destroy.

Restrained by Jamila Nagudu, Hadiza Gabon grows freakier as she is urgently requested to show up at her matrimonial home by her father Rabi’u Rikadawa who learned of her departure without her Husband’s consent. Ali Nuhu is forced to serve as a shield for his girlfriend against his wife… With Ibrahim Birniwa’s script element that tightly holds the movie together, and a director that knows how to play the tension, ALI yaga ALI strikes the dramatic and comedic tone early on and moves with it. The contrasting style of a drama and a comedy has lent the movie some interesting wrinkles.

REMEMBER: Buy original DVD to stand a chance of winning great prizes.

Previewed by:Anas Abdullahi

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18 thoughts on “ALI yaga ALI Preview : Buy Original DVD! Get Entertained!! Win Prizes!!!

  1. Kudos to you all, It really worth praises and salutations, I cannot express how gratitude I’m, you guyz are much trying, put more efforts, prayerful wishes.

  2. hmmmmmm….em speechless, i believe their is nothing impossible for d Hausa’s. we are really proud of d director, actors n everyone who contributed for d success of dis great film. a nice film, full of lessons and tragedy. we are proud of u guys. especially my no 1 role model. hadiza gabon

  3. Ooops I’ve wached it and as i promised to comment, it was bam. Now I see the reason why Ali Nuhu is called the multiple award winning actor. Its almost a single scene movie like Hawan Dare, without the regular singing & dancing but couldn’t move an inch away from the TV till the end. A job well done 2 Nuhu, Nagudu, Gabon, SSS & above all, Saira.

  4. Pleeeease we need regular update on this blog. I can’t wait to buy it here in Birnin Kebbi. Will comment on it when i watch.

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