Since the last month, the media has been enthralled with news of entertainers declaring political ambitions. The trend continues as Bello Muhammad Bello became the most recent actor from Kannywood to join the bandwagon. He has declared his intention to contest for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives, representing Bassa/Jos North.

BMB, as he’s widely known in the entertainment industry is considered by many Kannywood fans as arguably the most humbled actor in the industry. A man of the people, not only that he’s an actor, but also a screen writer and a director. This shows how versatile he is. I started by asking him whether he will be quitting acting now that he’s ventured in to politics, he said: “I will never dump the film industry.” BMB said that his people need a positive change from the situation they are in and that’s his main objective. “My main objective is change and I’m struggling for the emancipation of the common man.”

Born and raised in Jos, the multi-talented actor emphasized on the importance of peace to his people and to Plateau State in general. “We want to reclaim what is rightfully belong to us, what we are being deprived of, and that’s peace. With peace anything is attainable.” And as an activist for good governance, he isn’t afraid of voicing his frustration at some of the happenings in this country. “We are tired of watching our fundamental human rights being trampled upon. Political offices are not meant for inheritance.”

BMB said that since the inception of democracy, Nigeria have witnessed series of ethno-religious crisis and people are tired of the regular blood letting and so that has to change for the better.

On his colleague in the film industry, BMB said: “I urge my colleagues to aspire to Inspire before they expire.” Suggesting that change cannot come, if we all sit back in the shadows complaining silently. “We are not going to sit down and watch the fun that’s why we should stepped up.” And he appreciates the support from his fans. To them he said: “For my fans, they should expect more positive developments from me. We want to leave a good legacy for the generation and the generation unborn.”

Written By:Ibrahim Umar Bello


5 thoughts on “I’ll Never Dump The Film Indusrtry- General BMB

  1. His poster looks too comical for a person aiming for such high position. I feel he should have gone for state assembly for now. Its just my observation, i might be wrong.

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