Social media is now considered as the only and easiest way through which artistes interact with their fans, promote their career, showcase their talents, and reach a large audience. It has become a huge part of our everyday lives these past few years, especially with celebrities.

It is obvious that our Kannywood actors and film makers are left behind when it comes to social media, especially Twitter. Few of them have accounts, and fewer are active while a large number of them don’t have accounts at all. As a result of this, some of their fans take advantage of their absence and open accounts with their names in order to gain followers. Some of them even went ahead posting illegal pictures which I think can destroy the image of that particular actor, or kannywood in general.

Search for @nafisaAbdulla17 and you will agree with me. The account is being managed by a guy. I personally talked to him through WhatsApp and later reported him to her fans’ page. There are so many of that fake accounts. Now, come to think of Adam A Zango, a household name for Kannywood viewers and a great talent but lack an active account on twitter. He constantly changes his handle, @princeazango, @Adam_a_zango, @Adam_zango. I always get confuse.

It’s easy to see that Ali Nuhu is the most followed Kannywood actor on Twitter. Despite his tight schedules, he always makes sure he keeps his fans updated with his career activities. A trend other actors should follow, instead some of them resort to copying and pasting quotes that we are all tired of reading. For example, Maryam Booth is the most followed Kannywood actress and she’s active. However, unlike Ali Nuhu, her tweets are in no way related to her career. The only hint showing that she’s an actor is her bio. She only chart with her close friends and barely retweet or reply her fans. Same goes to most actors. Sani Danja is the other active account that use twitter to effectively promote his movies and or music.

If I were to give credit to kannywood actors based on their activities on twitter, I would say Rahma Sadau is the most consistent Kannywood actor on twitter now. She’s famous and has an excellent relationship with her fans. She has a great fan base because of that. General BMB is also very active and some even consider as the most humble kannywood actor on twitter because he follows back and you don’t need to ask for a follow back. Yaseen Auwal is someone who’s under-followed by Kannywood fans but uses it very well to promote his movies. You might say Hadiza Gabon top it all in terms of fans interaction, she created a forum “Dandalina” for her fans and other Kannywood followers. Because you need a long process of signing up in to forums, you could argue that twitter is more easier to interact with fans.

Generally, Kannywood actors on twitter can be classified into three categories based on their activities. The first category consist of Ali Nuhu, Sani Danja, Rahma Sadau, Aminu Saira, General BMB, Maryam Booth, Hadiza Gabon, Yakubu Muhammad, Baballe Hayatu… The second category may include Adam Zango, Kamal S Alkali, Nafisa Abdullahi, Fati Washa, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Gwangwazo, Nuhu Abdullahi Ramadan Booth and not forgeting the just-introduced Abdul M Shariff all fall under this category. While the third category is for those with dormant accounts, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya, Lawal Ahmad, and Al-Ameen Buhari.

Social media has given endless possibilities to people all around the world, like the ability to make yourself known and promote what you do. Social media has allowed celebrities to communicate through Facebook and Twitter about their upcoming events, tours, albums or movies reaching a wide number of people. It also gives their dedicated fans an opportunity to connect with their favourite celebrity in terms of asking questions and getting an answer.

I urge all Kannywood actors to create accounts on twitter, and provide a short, but powerful bio, listing their trainings, as it is the only way your fans can send you messages of encouragement and kindness. Be sure to create a public page, be active on your accounts and promote what you do, it is incredibly rewarding!!

Written By: Hafsat Muhammad Lalo
Twitter: @Grtsunnist


8 thoughts on “Kannywood Stars and the Social Media

  1. helo am rabiu ro sadiq,in my view,make an account which will make actors be active can trouble them and this will not allow them to read their fans sms and replay at all,due to numbers of sms they will have recieved from the fans,instead for,why they dont interact to the fans through email box

  2. This is very true, I hope the domant actors will look at how the active ones do their things and follow suit. And Kudos to Hafsat Muhammad Lalo.

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