Previous year have come and gone, leaving kannywood with or without certification of the greatest achievement ever in the history of the industry. Stars came in dissimilar shapes and sizes amid novel improvement of characters and characterization, so many new concepts have been introduced to the likings of audience, yet again the industry accounted so many setbacks as a result of meagre or derisory management. On its desire to bring a recap of some defining moments in 2013, Kannywoodscene looks at some foremost events and moments that occurred directly or indirectly to the industry and the people gyrate around it.

Starting with the earliest, it came to our notice that poplar kannywood actress Maryam Booth gave a trial to sing a song in English titled “Destiny”, but people’s reaction and comments was highly discouraging because of its lame nature. People listen to songs to ease some tension or derive some pleasure, definitely Destiny will trouble your mind and torture your heart especially if you have some professional musicians in you music library. Artistes should try and give out what they have not what they don’t.

In April 2013 the multiple award winning actors Ali Nuhu became the first Kannywood actor to have signed an ambassadorship contract with a mobile company Samsung worth millions of Naira. He also signed another contract as a Centenary Ambassador.

The chairman of Kannywood actors, Ambassador Sani Musa Danja strike a gold as he’s endorsed by Nigeria Academicals Sport Committee (NASCOM) Rhythm and Play as one of their ambassadors. He was decorated by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan alongside Ice Prince, Victor Moses, Joke Silver among others.

The year 2013 would be remembered for its cluster of awards with so many popular and unpopular categories, every organisation tried to appreciate kannywood for the job well done delivery. This is a clear indication that the industry made a step forward by utilizing the available resource, although if you look at its productions and services you may begin to understand that the industry still need more professionals in every aspect of production. The awards include the followings; City People Awards, Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA), Filmbiz Award, Kwankwasiyya Award, Best of Nollywood Awards, MTN/Kannywood Awards and Algaita Awards among others.

Sani Danja and his “twin brother” in business Yakubu Muhammad, a new uprising star actor who made a switch from singing to acting reported to have dominated the City People Award with the categories of Best Actor and Best Producer of the year 2013 goes to Sani Danja and Best Upcoming Actor goes to Yakubu Muhammad, While Malam Aminu Saira emerged as the Best Director 2013.

We have seen Ali Nuhu as best supporting actor in NEA 2013, while in Filmbiz Entrepreneurship Award organised by You Win in collaboration with New Qamar Media; Ali Nuhu, Rahama Hassan, Sani Danja, Adam Zango, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Aminu Saira, Ali Gumzak, A.S Mai Kwai, Abdulazeez Small, Sani Abubakar were honoured with different awards.

The Kwankwasiyya Award is one of the biggest awards in 2013 in honour of kannywood stars by the present government of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State. Adam Zango, Hadiza Muhmmad, Zahraddeen Sani among others won the major categories in acting. While Yasin Auwal, Falau Dorayi, Sadi Sidi Sharifai shine in the award.

MTN/Kannywood award is the first of its kind, therefore; it’s supposed to be exemplary considering the sponsors of the award (MTN), the largest telecommunication company in Africa with Nigeria as its largest market. But among the popular opinion, the awards have been criticized for lack of organisation, presentation, professionalism and justice. You hardly differentiate the award from political gathering or product marketing. Nevertheless, it is a step forward to kannywood industry since MTN/Kannywood awards will be here for the next half decade, I’m sure things are going to get better.

You can’t easily ignore The Algaita Awards as it was organised and held in Niger Republic where the second largest kannywood viewers/fans after Nigeria situated.

The most contentious jiffy of 2013 was when AFMAN pendant Nafisa Abdullahi for disputing their summon over organizing a birthday party where many participants dressed “indecently”. The actress mistreated the call made by AFMAN claiming that her tied schedules couldn’t let her attend them. Correspondingly, she claimed that she was not a registered member of the Association, therefore, they have no lawful right to suspend her pro organising a party to celebrate her birthday which is more or less personal.
Astonishingly, after a month or so Nafisa continued with her acting career despite all fumes that AFMAN won’t let filmmakers to cast her in movies, let alone released the movie. This led to so many questions over the credibility of AFMAN. You may begin to ask yourself; Is AFMAN a strong or weak Association? Who shoulders the responsibility of leading AFMAN? Did Nafisa came to the industry with a silver spoon? Must every actor be registered with AFMAN before venturing into acting? Are there any organizations apart from AFMAN? When all these questions threw against an organization like AFMAN, all its pillars would shake and its credibility will diminishes especially when the questions were left unanswered. I was once told by someone from Nollywood that Kannywood industry is progressing, but the major problems are lack of organisation and they don’t speak with one voice. To me if kannywood is organised and speak with a single voice things are going to get better.

It has been the subject of debate all through the year 2013 that Adamu and Nafisa are intimate lovers to the extent that pregnancy occurred between the two. In respond to this, all of them (Adamu and Nafisa) spoke in several occasion that none of the story is true. Just that the two are as close as brother and sister. What ruined all their statements was what Nafisa did in Kaduna. She spoke regarding this on one of the social gatherings (party) attended by many people including our reporter where she loudly said: “Ni Adamu bai min ciki ba, duk maganan da ake fada akan mu karyane bai min ciki ba” meaning – “I’m not carrying Adamu’s child, all what you have been hearing is white lie, he didn’t impregnate me”. What kind of nonsense is this? Well of course she defended herself but in another direction she deeply committed herself. It’s not wise to uttered this kind of statement in a social gathering. Believe me, so many people do not believe her, in fact thousands of them consider it as a lie too and I am one of them. In situation like this don’t ever speak to strangers/fans; media is the best way to voice it out if you must speak, not just a party gathering.

We have witnessed some special weddings of superstars from kannywood industry. Starting with Zaharadeen Sani who reported to have wedded Amina on 28 September 2013. We also have Adam azango and Maryam A. B Yola who stars alongside him in the movie NAS as Amatullah! Likewise the popular kannywood actress and a two times BON Award winner Fati Ladan married to a Human Right Activist Yerima Shettima on 20th December 2013 in Kaduna. We wish them all a happy married life.

Finally, we want to formally extend our hearty condolence to the entire members of FKD production and Kannywood industry as a whole, over the lost of its promising actor and a producer Ibrahim Bashir Nuhu. May his innocent soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

This is all we have for now, the recap on the performance of actors and filmmakers will soon be published.

Written by Nura Abubakar
Twitter: @Noorer
GSM: 08077715325


7 thoughts on “Defining Moments of 2013

  1. may Allah continue to bless kannywood for their gudwork…to me and my family hausa movies is de best of all ….Allah bless u all

  2. As humans, we have to know where we come from so as to know where we are heading to. Everyone needs to analyse the past, appreciate the present and plan the future. A good one Nurah!

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