Title: Dinyar Makaho
Story: Yusuf Ustaz
Screenplay: Yakubu M. Kumo
Producer : Hannafi Dahiru
Director : Ali Gunzak
Cast: Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Zainab Abdullahi, Rabiu Rikadawa, Ladidi Fagge Fati Washa, Fati Musa (Macijiya) and others.

The movie centred on a venetian blind boy named Ismaeel, whose father is very rich and influential. Despite the fact that he was born with the defy, his parents attempt to find cure for him but couldn’t get any, therefore, they decided to go for the best alternative of making him happy by providing all the necessities of life. This makes him ‘primus entre pares’

Things started getting sturdy when his parents come up with the idea of choosing a wife for him; he declines their choice and later chooses a poor girl with same physical challenge as him, but hers was not born with and when his parent decided to source cure for her he is not in support. Ismaeel believes that having sight is as good as having a lead to all sins.

She has been cured and this makes her a distorted person, she is carried away by the beauties of the world, she became blindfolded with the aesthetic glitters of life which are very limited. Her eyes lead her way to steal, alcoholism and unfaithfulness to her husband who makes her world a better place. He divorces her and she continues until on one fateful day, she is drunk with her boy friend and had an accident that damages her leg and left her one legged. This does not change the fact that Ismaeel’s love for her is superb, giving that he forgives her and reunite as husband and wife.

The movie has a lot of messages among which are: Allah creates human beings with physical challenges for a reason and been free from these challenges is also a challenge to mankind as he shall be ask on how and why he/she makes good or contrary use of it on the day of resurrection.

The presentation of the movie is quite okay, its sequential arrangement is also good, the setting is fair enough, some of the costumes are not bad, the dialogues are well treated and the characters’ performance are outstanding.

The first song of the movie is not too relevant to the tempo of the movie as it has no connection with the characters since they are all blinds. Some costumes of Ismaeel (Jackets and Short knickers) are not fit in view of the fact that we see him as someone who has shown his total submission to Allah, likewise his hair style. We have seen Isma’I’ll just dashing into Farida’s room without saying peace be upon you (Assalamu alaikum) as the teaching of Islam and it is their first night as couples, they seems to have forget the most important obligatory of performing two raka’at (spiritual prayers). Similarly, the last scene has a dialogue/editing error where Isma’I’ll and Farida say and I quote “Ismaeel: Farida ke a ganinki da mai gani da makaho wannene yake da larura a cikin su? Farida: Mai ido mana. Ismaeel: Ko kadan ban yarda ba, ai mai gani shikeda larura…” She said the right answer but his respond goes otherwise.

Base on these facts, the movie deserves a credit and in my opinion I rated it with 6/10.

By: Nura Abubakar
Twitter: @Noorer
Facebook: Noorer Elnas


7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Dinyar Makaho

  1. Wow! It is fascinating how the poor blind girl became the villain of the movie. There is a powerful message in the movie. You have great script writers and your actors are excellent. Hausa movies are great, if the language does not stand in your way.

  2. Well analysed!
    The story is meaningful, the screenwriting is awesome, the actors interpreted the script perfectly, and the technical department performed pretty good. However, I must not forget to pin point a slight error which I couldn’t figure out where it came from. (Sadiq’s first meeting with Indomie) He initially made it known to his parents that he will marry only a blind lady, but on hearing Indomie’s voice, he demanded knowing her, and he was told that they are beggars, on hearing that, he made an instruction that they should be given the sum of ten thousand Naira and they should be tailed.
    How does he know that she is equally blind?
    How does he know that young and single?

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