“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

To me, being a great fan I would say I know nothing or little about this great, successful and hard-working actor who is seen as the most celebrated actor from the north, who brought so many awards he received from different part of the world. All these achievements are not only for himself or his family but rather for all the northern society. This being has demonstrated and shown to the world that a Hausa man is not as illiterate as some populace assume we are. He has also publicized to the populace that every chap has what he is capable of doing, all he/she needs is the desire or aspiration to attain that objective without the trepidation of any failure that might come his/her way. This actor and successful man I am nattering about is nonentity than the multiple award winning actor Ali Nuhu.

According to what I read from his blog/website he was born an 15th of March 1974 in Kano. He spent copious number of years nurturing in Yakasai, Noman’s land and Hausawa area of Kano State. He started his primary education in Riga Special Primary School, which is sited in Noman’s land Kano State. After then, he ensues for his secondary education in Government Secondary Commercial School, Airport road Kano for his junior secondary education. From there he ensues again to Dawakin Tofa for his senior secondary school education. He got a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Geography from the University of Jos Plateau State and did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Ibadan Oyo State.

Ali Nuhu have over two hundred Hausa movies encompassing those he has either directed or produced and also more than fifty English movies to his credit. Added to his credits, Ali Nuhu received more than fifteen awards which at least ten out of them are from a cut-throat sort. It is not a news when I heard and read all over twitter, facebook and other social networking sites that Ali Nuhu won the award for Best Supporting Actor NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARD (NEA) held in New York, for his performance in BLOOD AND HEENA (a pure Hausa movie with the English title).

Ali Nuhu is at the moment one of the ambassadors of Nigeria’s leading home-grown Telecommunication Network Companies GLOBACOM Nigeria and also not long ago he was chosen as the ambassador for Samsung company as well. All these and more are some of the immense triumphs which Ali Nuhu received from the time when he commences as an actor till date.

According to a paper which I read, Ali Nuhu said: “… I have dreamt of it, but had great passion for it, those days when we were miniature we stayed glued to our TV screens, watching movies and you wish to become like who you are seeing on TV, you know *laugh*. I watched a lot of soap series and that was where I got my verdict from.”

This signifies that Ali Nuhu has this desire of been an actor when he was a youngster, but he has never image himself as being one. This means that he worked for it, he chases his dreams, he senses big, he commences it diminutive and he commences at the exact instance that is why he is where he is now. He is one of the victorious actors who have traveled around the world for movie making, award collections and pleasure as well. Despite been an actor he is also a producer and a director who is prevalently known as “the Whizkid Director.”

Last but not the least, what we all need to understand is that we should always have it in mind that one’s resolution to succeed is more important than any other. We should not aim for success if we want it, just do what we love and believe in, it will come naturally.

By: Hajarah Habib
Email: Ummekila@yahoo.com
Twitter @hajarahhh


12 thoughts on “THE TRIUMPHANT ACTOR

  1. Ali nuhu u r rili naturaly talented at times i wonder hw he cople wt hs work n fans wt litle time he hav bt he is stil d best in kannywood. If i were u i wl b tnkn God every moment wich am sure u r doin u r naturaly gifted keep it up.

  2. I thought of what to qualify these gentleman but my brain got stuck, only to say a good dog deserves a good born. More hausa film, more nigeria film, new hollywood film, and bollywood film!

  3. Ali Nuhu is a great personality and role model. He is an actor that I really admire. I don’t think Hajara has left something for us to say about this phenomenon.. She says it all. We northeners are very proud of bro! Fingers crossed (ur kannywood colleagues will try to emulates u), which in my opinion is a tall order!! Ali Nuhu the great. Keep it up. Credit to u Hajarah Habib and kannywoodscene . U made my day

  4. I lived in the Northern part of Nigeria precisely Kano and Kaduna for Ten years .The name Ali Nuhu does not ring a bell to me until I relocated to United States. I have watched him in several movies but I was curious one particular day to know who he was, and the place of his origin. Surprisingly when I found out and discovered he is from the North , I became his fan. He act with a passion and I like him for bringing out the glory of the North for Nollywood.I wish him more successful career, the sky is not the limit Ali Nuhu.

  5. I just drop tears for this man ali nuhu, he is more than an inspiration, motivation to me. He is oneman i look up to in my life. He has been a mentor to me since my childhood, he is my favorite movie actor worldwide and no one can beat that, everyone in my family love his work. I love his work, I love everything he does. He is a great brother, person, father, mother, uncle, aunty and sister. He is a person I will never forget in my entire life, he reps arewa the noth more than anything. ALLAH ya baka sarki ali nuhu. I want to say a word in my language #kanuri alanguburo mai ali nuhu. If I want to keep writting words about this man ali nuhu. I will never stop walahi and I will never finish; he is worth more than anything. Just keep it going bro ali nuhu, u are the best one ever and know one can beat that period. Is your boy adamu bulama cc: @adamsbulama

  6. Really this gentleman deserves applause from all northerners, they way he is triumphing is a welcomed development to the north. I can not say he need something to motivate him, rather let something be done to him to motivate others.
    The day I recieved the news that Ali Nuhu alongside Ice Prince (a northerner too) won in NEA in New York, I was highly psyched coz they won for the north not only themselves! Finally, an advice to rising stars is that let them emulate people like Ali Nuhu by *THINKING BIG*******UP FKD*****

  7. Well written @Hajarahhh. I shall also salute the courage & tenacity, of the award winning super star Ali Nuhu.
    Similarly, my words of commendation goes to @Kannywoodscene, they are really doing thier bit in flying the flag & sensitising the populace.. It’s indeed α job weldone.

  8. Ali Nuhu the greatest Actor in the world. He play the role of jornalist in his 1st Nollywood film title (SHOW DOWN) which he is just running up and down can’t even ask a complete Q. I was very sad by then. All i believe in (Practice makes perfect). We all thank Almigthy Allah for making him who he is today. Am your fan

  9. Excellent Piece.

    Ali Nuhu is an epitome of success, a great personality and a role model to aspiring young actors. The way the writer put that in to words is impressive. A really enjoyable read.

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