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Halima Atee is one of the best up-coming female actors in Kannywood right now. She became more notable perhaps after appearing as ‘Tantiriya’ in Aminu Saira’s KONA GARI. Atete is very passionate about acting. In a chat with Kannywoodscene recently, the beautiful actress spoke to Nura Abubakar about her career and many other topics.

Tell us about Halima Atete

Ok, like you said, Halima Yusuf Atete is my name. But porpularly known as Halima Atete or Atete. Yusuf is my father’s name and Atete is my grandfather. Iam from Maiduguri, I attended primary and secondary school there. I have a diploma in Shari’a and Civil law before I started acting.

How did find your self in kannywood

I was in a drama club in my secondary school and I realized then acting is the only thing I want to do in my life. I want it so bad that I didn’t want to go to college after my secondary school. I did that diploma because there’s nothing I could do and I had no idea how to tell my father. So after sometime, when my brother got an accident and start writing a story I told my self may be this was the break I was looking for. I decided with my brother that we should start producing films because that was the only way out. I told him we should invite the actors to Maiduguri since we’ve never been to Kano. So we made enquiries and have someone talked to some of the artiste like Shu’aibu Lawan (Kumurci), Saratu Gidado (Daso), Bashir Nayay, Kabiru Nakwango etc.
The shoot started, and because everything was provided from our house I had to tell my father that we were just helping them but the movie wasn’t ours. We even took some of my father’s bags which Kabiru Nakwango used during the shoot. But at last I told my father that it was our film, I felt I must tell him because I had to go to Kano for editing and eventually he would know. Luckily, he agreed and I left for Kano. At Kano if my father called and asked me why did I stay that long I always told him that they were still editing the movie. After sometime, I told him that the movie was in the market and I still had to stay and collect my money. That’s the time I did KONA GARI and MAZA DA MATA. They (home) had no idea that I was acting until WATA HUTU was released because my father in particular doesn’t watch movies. You know they won’t just agree with it at first, but after we talked about it with my father, he understands, blessed me and wished me all the best. That’s how I find my self acting.

Of all the films you did, which do you like the most?

Of all the films I did so far…. I think I like WATA HUDU the most. Because everything is perfect and I know deep inside myself that I was outstanding and lots of people acknowledge that fact.

Do you have any particular actors that you like working with most?

Actually, before I even started acting Ali Nuhu is my favourite actor, and still today I prefer him to anyone. This is more because of the way we sit and analyze a script together and kind of pre-perform our characters so that we’ll know how to balance ourselves before going on a camera. That’s why I love working with him. I don’t have any preference when it comes the female actors. I enjoy working with all of them.

Are you really that violent as we saw in Dakin Amarya?

If one could critically analyse my performance on that role in Dakin Amarya would understand there is a woman inside that character that get wild when her man is showing slightest interest in another woman. I am not violent but jealous, it’s my nature and there’s no stopping that.

You’ve been appearing in so many movies recently. What’s the secret?

(Smiles) Wallahi I don’t know, that’s what people are saying but I can’t specifically tell you why……..

….Do you think it has to do with the way you act?

Well, what I noticed is that, some directors always say Atete is more fitting at playing villain roles or someone very fashionable.

If you are to choose the best film of all time, which one would you choose?

I think I would choose DAN MARAYAN ZAKI

Have you ever been in love with someone within the industry?

(Laugh…) Eh?

(Smile..) Yeah, I was, once, but we are separated now.

Your fans may wish to know him…

Well, I don’t know if people know him or not. But I was in love with someone withing the industry.

Atete still didn’t make revelation

No to me there’s nothing to hide because everyone knows we are not together anymore and as of now, I don’t have a boyfriend withing the industry.

Ok, what’s his name?

Sani Real love. He’s a producer and now The secretary of The Arewa Film Makers Association of Nigeria.

Can you marry someone withing the industry?

Why not? I can marry an actor or a film maker. Why shouldn’t I? We are doing the same job and as you can see right now on a shoot, the male and female (actors) have different apartments right? Beside, people differ in their behaviours, same goes to people who aren’t actors. There are people outside the industry that are doing (bad) things. Yes I can marry someone withing the industry.

Ok, who can we say possess Atete’s heart right now?

(Laugh..) Wallahi no body now. I do have good friends, colleagues but none is my boyfriend. You may hear rumours that I am dating this director or that producer, none is true. I have told you about my jealousy before, I think that won’t even let me date anyone from the industry now.

what do you think will define your career as a successful one?

When I finished this (acting career) without any serious misunderstanding with anyone

Can you see yourself doing any other thing beside acting

No, I love acting. I won’t leave this profession until I die. I’ll become a producer when I get married.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, I am not hoping to see myself acting in the next 6 month or one year insha Allah.

Oh, so I guess Atete is getting married soon…

No I didn’t arrange anything but in my heart that’s how I feel.

Any message to your fans?

I would like to say a big thanks to my fans. Alhamdulillah I have a lot of them. I really appreciate the way they love us. Also they should understand that the roles we act isn’t our behaviour but roles given to us to portray. If an actor appears as a governor that doesn’t automatically make him one. When I am cast to be an easily pissed off character, that doesn’t make me. Whoever is close to me knows me to be cool tempered but naturally jealous. And if you are not so close to me, you won’t even spot my jealousy.

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22 thoughts on “I’m not violent but naturally jealous- Halima Atete

  1. Anty halima am the one we snap pic in Maiduguri the day you come with that white car I really love your film and am a diploma holder i I want you to help me to the industry please I love film and acting 09020301616

  2. Atete the jealous.Did i had u saying u hav’nt dated with any one right now ?.Could u remember,some weeks ago,on ur way to maid for ur sallah break some body some where,at a millitary checking point ??.

  3. slm atete you did well better than those talk much god will cont bless u but remember kikula da kanki kiji tsoron ubangiji kiyi sallah at a right time pls we love u so much thanks

  4. you will do well not to be looking at jealousy from the weakness point of view, jealousy is not by any means a defect in character, but a quality to be cherished and adored. Keep it up; infact, that is what we want in our women for it is serving as a means through which their true care towards us can be examined.

  5. Aunty Haleemah no dout u r ma wrld bst actrss… 4 me Witout u no mo kannwood… Realy luv watchn ur moviez. God bles U.

  6. Atete actually we ar enjoying wt ur firlm more especially the way u ar appearing jeolus, hope u’ll not disappoint ur fans as Nafisa Abdullahi deed? Frm Aliyu jalingo 07032423193

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