By Anas Abdullahi
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Director: Ali Nuhu
Cast: Adam A Zango, Ali Nuhu, Fati Ladan and Zahraddeen Sani
Producer: Ibrahim Bashir Nuhu (Late) and Usman Mu’azu
Banner: FKD Productions
Genre: Musical Love Story
Release Date: November 2013


After the recent successes of SAI WATA RANA, ADAMSY, MADUBIN DUBAWA and ZURI’A, FKD Production, an icon credited with many of the Kannywood most distinctive romances and family dramas return with another gorgeous movie with epic awesomeness, NI DAKE MUN DACE.

NI DAKE MUN DACE stars warm and expressive Adam A Zango with charismatic Fati Ladan in convincing vulnerability and ever-present Ali Nuhu in top of his usual screen presence. Being a typical movie, NI DAKE MUN DACE has freshness and passion fueled by its wonderful cinematography, costumes and sets; energized by exciting romantic songs, thrillingly choreographed by Ali Nuhu with surprising sensuality. NI DAKE MUN DACE is sure to raise the stakes in Kannywood to potentially explosive level.

Music comes from the heart, so does love. Abbas (Adam A Zango) is an optimistic young chap with sad past who is nursing a musical career comes across Raliya (Fati Ladan), the naive daughter of tycoon. Soon they fall in love and hold the dream of having a bliss future.

Raliya’s father is a rigid tycoon who not only sees love as a mere fictitious character but also as a threat that can offer reasonable resistance in implementing what he feels is more comfortable for his children. Raliya’s dream received a major setback when her father suggest another guy he feels more more suitable for her, should she follow her father at the expense of the love that has penetrated every vein in her or her heart at the expense of disobeying her father that she never disobeyed? Both situations have serious emotional repercussions. Abbas and Raliya’s world is getting turned upside-down and inside-out. The Whizkid director unfolds the over-the-top emotional saga.


53 thoughts on “PREVIEW: NI DAKE MUN DACE

  1. A Zahirin gaskiya na jima inada sha’awar harkar Fadakarwa ta fina-finan Hausa. Toh amma na rasa samun sahihiyar hanya daya tilo dazan iya miko koke na domin samu damar shiga harkar, ta yanda nima zan iya bada nawa gudunmowar tare da bayyana irin fasahar da Allah Yabani akan harkar. Sai dai kuma inajin cewa: watakilan zuwa yanzun kayana sun tsinke gindin kaba, tunda nazo inda yafi dacewa da in bayyana damuwa ta, kona masu mai share min kuka na. In hakan tasamu, ana iya tuntuba na ta wannan lambar: 08068028372 / 08182472344 / 08032054499. Allah Yasa Adace

  2. A Gaskiya Kannywood suna matukar kokari kamar yanda ya dace. Jinjina agare su gaba daya

  3. Gaskiya yayi kyau matsalar daya wani yaro ya bata firm wato xaharaddeen s inda da sss ko sadi sawaba da sai yafi kyau

  4. Wow a chrismatic lady fati ladan she is a gud actress and whizkid director ali nuhu and awesome of gud director adam a zango the love story is very gud and u guys a intelligent and literate and funny and romance talented may god help us ameen.

  5. hmm nidawa zandace hw i wish to get a nyc n god fearing gal am nt a lover guy bt dis film actualy motivated me to luk 4 a gal dat wl lyk me as much as she lyk adam wit all her hrt 08034126616 Kudos to my best actor zango follwd by d rest.

  6. this is very very lnteresting film, ds Film teach me many ; thing
    1. Hw 2 handle a doughter even her mum is not in d Hause.
    2. it help me in building my r/ship Bw friends. and than
    3. it Made me happy by d Time and whan i remember it . thank auwal mukhtar babura jigawa state.

  7. FKD PRODUCTION: They always bring you the best of what they do. What’s a movie without my mentor ali nuhu. He’s just the best, he’s actually my favorite movie actor worldwide. I love his work. I always tell my self this, I have a dream of making big like ali nuhu. I wanna be the one that will brake his records insha ALLAH. And anytime fkd production drops a movie is always the best. See for your self, check the list of fkd movies they are the best. The cast of this movie, bless them.

  8. De film title NI DAKE MUN DACE is somting dat i can say welcoms me back to d world ov HAUSA MOVIES nd i appreciate d effort ov d director as wel as d actors particular hearted lover guy ADAM A ZANGO nd charismatic fati ladan

  9. My rgrd 2 f k d production & my bst actress krismatic gal, F ATI LADAN. We’ar waiting 4 worching d most expensive drama. Alwayz carez my luvly husband Dr Malle.

  10. Dats my bros, also wit u in physical nd in strenght, may Allah continue to protect u nd d entire muslim Ummah.

  11. Wowwww! The “Legendary whizkid director (Ali Nuhu), is back with a bang”!! Ali Nuhu is second to none. I can’t wait..

  12. May Allah help and bless ali nuhu and fkd company at the same and I always pray for Allah to make me among hausa actor and insha Allah I will perfomed film together with ali nuhu insha Allah but I don’t know can I join fkd company u can help me to achive my goals by find me in my fcbk acount that is ibrahim aminu saeed or my bbm pin 28DED06C

  13. We loves d production…! n we will keps on lovin dem…! till d end of our breath, FKD 4 real… My salutation goes 2 u my king Ali nuhu!!!

    1. FKD production is the best hausa film company that i ever see in ma entire life. FKD it take times to produce and released a movie but when the movie is out in the market. u can never see any fault. either camera handling, continuity, lighting, post production and host of others.

      1. I absolutely love fkd production and i thanks to the director of ni dake mundace, my regard to hero that is wizkid director (yaya Ali) and my best actress fati ladan in musician umar m sharif and Adam A Zango may Allah helf you for what yuo are doing that is film

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