It has came to our notice that one of the most popular regulatory body in kannywood called AFMAN – Arewa Film Makers Association of Nigeria met yesterday. Among the purposes of the meeting was to sanitize the industry, make the registration to AFMAN compulsory to all film makers be it actors, scriptwriters, directors and any other guild.

Although, some key members of the Association were not in attendance due to the short time noticed, but most of the pioneer actors were present.
The meeting stressed on the issue of indispline, immorality and improper conduct among actors.
It’s part of the issues been discussed the issue of divorced female actors who were actors and married before, but now roaming about using their fame gained from kannywood to do other immoral acts. All these would be tackled according to AFMAN.

The Association promised to be fair and just to anybody regardless of his/her stand in kannywood when it comes to sanctions and punishment. Therefore, all actors and other filmmakers were adviced to be careful in all their endevours.

Furthermore, the Association expressed its appreciation to the present government of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso for the kind gesture shown to the industry and the establishment Kano Film Institute which would give room for the young and aspiring actors and filmmakers to undergo training before joining the industry.

The meeting considered to be a kind of wake up call to all its officials and registered and unregistered members regarding the new development in the association and the industry as a whole.

Finally, the meeting ended peacefully and all the people attendance unanimously agreed to call for another meeting any moment from now, but it would be announced a month before time.

Nura Abubakar for #KannywoodScene


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