Yesterday KannywoodScene was the only social media to have reported the rumour that famous Kannywood director Malam Aminu Saira is halting his job with kannywood. Although, in the report kannywoodscene tweeted and I quoted “Rumour: “Unconfirmed sources said Malam Aminu Saira (@AminuSaira) would halt directing in kannywood”.
Later on yesterday we tried to reach Malam Aminu Saira on phone but he was not picking, so we sent a very long text message and it was delivered. When we called him after the text, he picked the call and this is what he said when we asked him about the ongoing rumour. “Actually I’m not halting kannywood completely, is just that I want to widen my horizon by touching another part of the entertainment industry which remained untouched. That is “television series”. What I want to do is to start directing Hausa TV series. My concentration would be more on it, though not ignoring the movie part but partially. I want all my fans to consider this as a development not as wayward. Finally, what I want all of you to know is, if Allah blessed me with long life I don’t want to end my career as movie or TV series director, but an activist who fights for those who are weak, the needy, someone like human right activist. Thank you for the love and concern shown to me.” Therefore, as we reported earlier that it’s unconfirmed now it’s confirmed Aminu saira is not halting, but rather expanding. Thank you for your responses.


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