The nominees for the 2013 Nigeria Entertainment Awards were announced on thursday night at the Nominee Announcement event held in Lagos, Nigeria at Euphoria nightclub.

Pearl Hart of SoundcityTV and Freeze from CoolFM radio’s The Road Show hosted the event, which kickoff at 10 pm with the arrival of guest. The President of the NEA, Tope Esan announced the nominees from all thirty-four categories.

Kannywood Multi-award winning actor Ali Nuhu is nominated for Best Lead Role and Best Supporting Actor for his performances in CONFUSION NA WA and BLOOD and HENNA respectively.

Voting begins online on June 28th. Fans are encouraged to support their favorite artists, actors and actresses, comedians and entertainers by voting and encouraging others to vote as well. The 2013 NEA Awards is scheduled to take place on Sept. 1 in New York City.


7 thoughts on “Ali Nuhu Nominated For Two Categories in NEA Awards

  1. Ali Nuhu….really this young man is the Sarki of kannywood, in the next few years the number of his awards will be come uncountable. More grease to your elbows….wish you all the best

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