By Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

I’m not a big fan of Maryam Booth but I think the abuse some people tweeting at the popular actress because of her new song/album “Destiny” is really uncalled for. I have read many of the tweets and some I can’t even remember but one of the worst reads “Uban wayace kiyi waka mara dadi, kece throwing gbagz, kece waka mara dadi! irin onto anoda level =))))))…”. The first girl who started it all added “Maryam Booth baki hadu ba at all mehn Lmaooooo..”. She has also claimed at some point that Maryam was now famous because of her tweets, a ridiculous assertion considering she joined twitter in 2012 and Maryam is popular among Kannywood followers since 2007.

You’ll recognize a healthy and constructive criticism when you see one, the tweets directed at maryam by some sadistic people on twitter are clearly not criticism but mere envy.

This is one of the problems with. Nigerians, envy is so prominent in our society we detest the sight of someone enjoying any kind of good whatsoever. Our attitude towards new talents is barbaric, our own celebrities are so highly resented. And it boils down to envy.

Those abusing Maryam may not admit it but this type of hysteria against her is borne out of envy and obsession to be like her. At least she has tried, there’s a huge gap between trying to make an effort and doing nothing.

Lots of the American stars you worship are so rotten, but with the black people anything white is good even if it isn’t. What’s wrong with a popular actress trying to make a living making music? Is she stopping anyone of you from doing your stuff? It all boils down to envy.

I didn’t listen to the song, it may be mediocre but there are many people who started with mediocrity and eventually excelled in their art with time. Just because Maryam brought a song you claim you don’t like doesn’t mean that many other people hate her song. Trying to gang up against a very successful human being in order to make her look bad is the worst of mediocrity. If we only encourage those we like in this world, then we are the biggest fools.

People started in little ways and ultimately ended big. When Kannywood movies started, people were laughing at the actors and the movie makers. Today, look at what that ideas has produced, wealthy and talented movie stars like Sani Musa Danja, Ali Nuhu, Jamila Umar, Nafisat Abdullahi and others. Look at the number of jobs it create and increased business opportunities for the Northerners.

Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafon wrote “envy is the religion of the mediocre. It comfort them, it soothes their worries, and finally it rots their souls, allowing them to justify their meanness and greed until they believe these to be virtues….. Those who, by the simple fact of their existence, show up their own poorness of spirit, mind and guts. Blessed be the one at whom the fools bark, because his soul will never belong to them”.

It’s amazing how some people would be so obsessed with attention and popularity that they resort to abusing others so that people can RT and LOL at their tweets. Seems sadistic to me.

As long as they’re muttering dark words of resentments about “Destiny” then Maryam Booth can be content she’s doing a fine job. As Wilde once said “the only thing worse than being talk about, is NOT being talked about”

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  1. hmm mu dai babu abun da zamu ce sai dai allah ya kawo karshen wannan sagesagen nan kiyi auri ki huta mana kar ki biye wa zainab abdullahi don allah

  2. Assalamu alaikum, its not about criticism or support. We should all the remember the hadith of the prophet that says, If u see something bad correct it with ur hand, tongue or heart(weakest of faith). Any one of us can fall into a sin, its our responsibility as good Muslims to correct each other in the right way not with insults

  3. Abin dariya, to be frank, they are creating more havoc than the benefit, let them sanitise the moral aspect of thier career

  4. Wthr d song b good o bad …thumbs up maryam Booth u rili tried n itz a good strtn…….She LL soon b nigerian Ashanty…

  5. pls mu dan rage zafi mana brodas nd sisters..coz
    u guys confused me wit ur strikes nd counterStrikes…was the ‘booth’ lady’s destiny beeing condemn as a mediocre song musically, or under the context of islamic jurisprudence ? whc we knw it’s (song) haram…esp dat kind of song. i like critics though; meaningful one.

  6. Dis is so nt fair! U guyz. Shld stp criticizing her,diz is inhumanity besides she did her best..u hav no talent n envyn people wit talent!! U realy tried babe!

  7. So you have guts to quoat Ibn Qayyim….. “(Whoever insults his brother for a sin will not die until he falls into it (himself). Ibn Qayyim),” which planet does She(Maryam Booth) comes from? Or you think brotherhood in Islam doesn’t include ladies…. You started the insult, that mean you will not die until…. Allah dai shi kiyaye..

    1. Subhanallah. Read what he wrote again. I didn’t insult her even when she called me “wawiya” I told her bana zagi. But wakan ta baiyi dadi ba. Before u say something. Have proof. Something to back it up. Subhanallah kaji tsoron Allah fa. Allah shirye mu.

  8. Envy? Did u say envy? Allah shirye ta.. Mu kuma Allah kar yasa mu fara hausa drama da waka.. Infact.. Allah kar yabamu iyayen da zasu encouraging din mu muyi waka ko hausa drama… As much as u think we did it out of malice, I want you to know der was absolutely no malice. The song was horrible and I said mind, in my world that makes me better than a kiss ass like you. And sweetie! Don’t you ever quote me.

  9. *smh* I feel so so so so sorry for you. 1st of all muryan mace al-aura ce, if u really support her beg her to put ur sister in d video na. Kaci sa’a ni musulmace danayi alwadarai da hanlinka, but Allah yace muma irin ku addu’a(Whoever insults his brother for a sin will not die until he falls into it (himself). Ibn Qayyim), so I’ll just pray for you. Allah Ya La’anci duk wanda yake zuga musulmi dan uwan sa ya aikata abunda ya haramta. I really pity you. Har kana mkn refrence da yahudawa. Subhanallahi. Allah shiryeka da ita ku gane gaskia. Rubbish

    1. Haba maryam kiji tsuron allah ki daina irin wa yannan dabi’un na turawa allah ya shirye ki maryam ix better 2 u 2 b mary as soon as u can@manish55985056

  10. So Sure bro. U have really talked true! But she’s a celeb she just have to ignore all they are saying and take heart. Lastly congrat to maryam booth and kannywood for such a great progress

  11. It’s high time for our nothern people, to wake up from their self distructive slumber and choose őĪ way of salvation. Remember, envy destroys good deeds just like how fire eats up cottons or wool.

    The biggest question here is, what do we stand to gain by criticizing others, un-objectively? Do we thing that will take us to another level?
    If we cannot make life any easier for others, we should at least not make it any more difficult..

    That’s őĪ very good awakener by Ibrahim Umar Bello (@aaramz). Pls keep on the good work.

  12. a nicely writtn awareness to those that portrayed their mediocrity on d lady nd her ‘destiny’ though i didnt listen to d track too, bt i tried my best to let those barking to understand d wrong dey were doin by ignorantly displayin d swelled envy inside dem abt d lady’s destiny. bt dey kip on twitting dia clueless rants on her..i blv dey ought to find a suitable way of critickin her work nt to be insulting nd radiculuosly condemnn it out of critic’s cretaria….i wonder if one of dem can creat a single ‘baiti’.

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