Author: Ibrahim Umar Bello
Twitter: @aaramz

Because of the joy, excitement and pleasant memories they bring, Sallah days are always special. We are always looking forward to it. Especially Eid-El Kabir where rams and cows are slaughtered. But as we grow older, some of these memories fade away as we celebrate Sallah each year.

However, for Kannywood artistes, fans and followers, one of those Sallah days we will never forget is that of  January 1st 2007. That’s because that day brought darkness to the people of the industry as a result of the sudden death of one of the most successful and shining super-star, a Hausa movie actor Ahmad S Nuhu, who died in a ghastly car accident on his way to Maiduguri to stage a Gala for Sallah.

Today is exactly six years since Ahmad S Nuhu departed. His Legacy both on and off the industry will always be remembered. His path to stardom is an inspiration to young actors. The Plateau born actor started developing interest in Hausa films at an early age and at a time when it was not particularly popular. His father, being ill, could hardly support his studies (in Secondary School) and his relatives, who were not happy with young Ahmad’s foray in to the film industry often refused to assist him. In desperation, he turned into a motorcycle taxi driver (achaba) to earn enough money to sustain his schooling. After his secondary school, he joined a relative of his who is a long distant truck transporter to Onisha from Jos. Eventually Ahmad became a truck driver himself.

Ahmad ventured into the Hausa film industry through Ali Nuhu, whom he met when Ali was studying Geography in the University of Jos. Ali stayed in a house owned by Ahmad S Nuhu’s grandfather at Tudun Miraye. The relationship was developed from there.

Ali Nuhu introduced Ahmad to top directors like Tijjani Ibrahim, Ishaq
Sidi Ishaq and Hafizu Bello, and Ahmad came to the fore-front after some brilliant performances in Linzami da Wuta, Huznee, Mujadala and Akasi.

Along with Ali Nuhu, Ahmad contributed a lot in making FKD Poduction arguably the most famous and biggest banner in Kannywood industry today. Untill his death, he is the sole producer in FKD. His talent and the brilliant way in which he acted in movies made FKD Production’s movies one of the best in the industry. His marriage to Hafsat Shehu was one of the most celebrated among Kannywood followers.

Ahmad’s Legacy can never be overstated. He will always be remembered for his humility, obidience and total respect for anyone he came in to contact with. One of the finest actors of his generation, and to some of his peers the best, Ahmad possessed few facets of his game many would envy. Whether acting as a deranged estranged lover in Huznee or highly fashioned romantic lover in Zabari or a comic lying guy in Mazaje, he was always elegant. His versatility and ability to play any role is head and shoulders above anyone. His reputation and stature outside the industry is amazing. In 2003, MTN revealed that, Ahmad was the 7th person in Nigeria to receive the highest number of calls during the year.

Without doubt, Kannywood lost a colossus when Ahmad passed away. His name will always remain synonymous with humility, versatility and benevolence. Allah ya gafarta masa, ya jikan sa da rahma. Ameeeen!



  1. Whenever I hear the utterances of the words humility, calmness, and easy-going, the first thing that comes to mind is non other but my favorite, the best of all actors Kannywood has ever seen, a person that needs no introduction, a single being that bridge the gaps between all feuds, a role model that left a lasting impression in people’s hearts, a friend that everyone admired and respected, he was versatile as he was candid. Ahmad S. Nuhu, we really love you but the inventor of forms loves you most. So, sleep well for I know you are smiling as you always do, people from the other side are sending their heartfelt regards from the touch of your absence.

    Till we meet again.

    1. please, for the sake of Allah and Love you do to Ahmad, please, his family need support ,who ever know Ahmad knows that he is the one helping his mother and family members, please visit his mother and help her

    1. oh Allah , i bear witness that none has a right to be worship except you, you do what ever you like without anyone to questioned,Ahmad was a hero to his family, and his death cause them life difficulties, his very close to him than anyone else, wish to die in replaced of Ahmad!
      My message to my humble friend Ahmad S. Nuhu, after you left us, so many people that claim to love you, are lying, they are not sincere. oh i wish you will hear me! cry cry cry

  2. Allahu Akbar, i still remember the last day i meet him a day before his death. he told me pls, when i gone try to visit my mother (hajiya), and be patient to Ali, until we meet. that is the last time we see one another. until on the phone when we speck last forever, he laugh and said Abdullahi dont be sad, its Sallah days, here your friend Hamza. i said it is oky untill we meet

  3. We surely mssd him..may ur soul n souls of all d faithful departed thru d mercy of Allah continue to rest in perfect peace Ahmad

  4. Ahmad’s integrity and pattern of life, is what keeps attracting fans and followers to him. He lived and examplenary life with endurance, perseverance and submission.. May Allah accept him as α dweller in JANNAH, as we grief over his lost.

    An excellent article, keep it up @aaramz.

  5. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir raji’un! He was indeed a great actor may his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Ameen Ya Rabb!

  6. Allah jiqanshi yasa yahuta ameen…@aaramz what an amazing;this is d first tym I read somethn lyk ds.I wil lyk to witnes a day that aaramz wil write his own MOVIE…

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