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Pretty, cute and humble, Nafisat Abdullahi is a house hold name when it comes to Kannywood movies. Her path to stardom started when she featured in FKD’s ‘Sai Wata Rana’. now arguably the leading actress in hausa industry, plateau born actress spoke about her alleged affair with Adams A Zango, twitter among other issues when she met kannywoodscene’s Nura Abubakar on set of a movie ‘Sirri Ne’ in Kano on 22 Oct 2012.
KANNYWOODSCENE – It’s nice to meet you.
NAFISAT- Good to see you, I am doing fine.
KS – Can we meet you?
NAFISAT – My name is Nafisat Abdullahi, aka Nafisa sai wata rana. My father is from Kano and my mother is from plateau state, but I was born and raised in Jos. I attended my primary and secondary school there, and currently a student of university of Jos.
KS – What inspire you to acting career?
NAFISAT – I can’t say exactly what trigged me in to action but I can say acting has been my dream ever since I was a child, in fact, I think acting is something I was destined to do.
KS – Most people now consider you the best actress in kannywood do you agree or you think there is someone ahead of you?
NAFISAT – { Laugh } well actually if people think I’m the best, then maybe I am, you know calling yourself the best does not make you one. The best is all about what people said, if they think I am the best I have to agree with them, if they think otherwise I will also agree.
KS – You are known for crying and shading tears in most of your movies, but now I saw you bending and struggling to get tears, what is the secret behind it?
NAFISAT – ( Laugh ) honestly I cry easily, a very little thing can make me cry, but seeing me bending my head in an effort to get tears doesn’t mean I am finding it difficult, it’s just that the place is noisy. So I have to concentrate and pull myself together so I can get what the director requires.
KS – Dan Marayan Zaki is one of the biggest blockbuster movies of this year and you are the lead actress in the movie. What impress you about the making of the movie?
NAFISAT – Actually what impressed me was the set design of the movie, how it was built, the cutting as well as the mixing of the colors, the costumes everything was organized perfectly. It is the first movie a place was built purposely for it.
KS – Of all characters you have played which has been the most challenging?
NAFISAT – The truth is up to now there is no specific role that serves as challenge to me, because it’s all about our day to day life, we always see it around us, it’s either in your life or your friends life.
KS – Is there anything that one of your fans be it male or female said to you of praise or curse which you will never forget?
NAFISAT – You know in life even if you aren’t an actor/actress you most have lovers as well as haters, someone will see you and feel like you are his favorite likewise someone may see you and completely dislike you at a spot. That’s life.
KS – Starting from your day one in industry what was your aim and objectives that you have achieved or you want to achieve?
NAFISAT – Uhm… if I said I have not achieved my aim everyone knows I was wrong, because when I ventured fully in to acting my aim was to reflect changes where I can, because the time I started acting there was a lot of things that are out dated, and it is part of my aim to see all these things move to another level. Thank God now there is improvement in the sense that now a set is been built purposely for filming as in the case of Dan Marayan Zaki, and again you will see a huge crew moving from Nigeria to South Africa, Ghana and Niger just to shoot a movie. These are kind of things that I want and they are happening.
KS – It has come to our notice that you and Adams A Zango were once lovers, so now who is in the position of Adam A Zango?
NAFISAT – (Laugh) where did you hear this fable?
KS – I once read it in one of the English dailies.
NAFISAT – And don’t you think news papers can publish a frame story.
KS – Well my reason was both English dailies and one of the hausa popular magazine published that same story.
NAFISAT – The truth is that there is nothing between Adam A Zango and I…
KS – …. For now?
NAFISAT – …even then, you know when two casts featured regularly as lovers, viewers will begin to think that they are lovers. Its only sister -brother relationship.
KS- You are one of the actresses that furthered their study to higher institution, and what you have studied is relevant to movie making/movie industry (theatre arts). Do you have any plan in the near future to widen your career to Nollywood?
NAFISAT – Well… if I told you I will appear in Nollywood movies or not, it could not happen in either way. You know you have your plans and Allah has different plan for you (man proposes God disposes). And in our society here once a lady get married that’s the end of her filming career, so before I get married it won’t be a surprise for me to feature in one or two or even three Nollywood films. Who knows?
KS – You were nominated in BON awards for best actress with the films Ahlil Kitab and Madubin Dubawa, and you were not the only contender, considering the films that you have been nominated with and that of the other actress, whom would you choose as the best actress between you and the other nominees?
NAFISAT – I am not the right person to be asked this question, what do you expect me to say? I’m just an actress like the other contenders. I don’t know what to say as your answer.
KS – Ok, do you think your performance in the nominated films will win you the awards?
NAFISAT – Yeah I could win the awards because the lead actor of the film (Madubin Dubawa) was also nominated with the film too and he was the director but I don’t know which of the two movies will win me the award. They are both good movies.
KS – Your fans on twitter are complaining that you have an account but you are not twitting, what would you tell your fans? You know they would like to chat or read from your tweets.
NAFISAT – Yeah I tweet in rare occasions because I’m not used to twitter compared to others, I hardly check my phone sometimes due to busy schedules but I log in and check my mentions although in later times.
KS – So lastly what are your words to your fans?
NAFISAT – I thank Allah, my parent, my bosses, and my fans which without you I will not attained this position. My gratitude to my fans once again. I feel like a star.
KS – Thank you very much indeed for your time.


274 thoughts on “Nafisat Abdullahi- I Was Never In Love With Adam A. Zango

  1. I will like to see adam xango a.k.a d fresh prince and nafeesat abdullahi as husband and wife forever and ever

  2. hello my dear
    my name is Usaini Abdullahi
    I lk u so much due u are d one actress in ur industry but lhe end of lhe saying l want to become are highlight population star (actors)
    Hausa film. I wish that
    message from your young brother and he watching ur moves a lot fo lastly l wish u to got your little husband in your future life

  3. nafisa kiji tsoron ubangijinki ki daina film kiyi aure nima idan zaki aure ni ina sanki amma ni student ne na h.n.d call me if ur interisted 09039350267

  4. sallam Nafisa how are you dwng i pray may Allah count to protec an bless you #your_die_heart_fan from_jos

  5. hmmmmmmm (laugh), am smehw speechless, i lyk dis conversation…..if to say I will ave d ryt, chance nd the opportunity to b employed into d kannywood industry just to act a film, NAFISAT will b d actress, BIGJO will b d actor, cox I lyk Nafisat’s acting, I amended my ways cox of ha acting,………. d name of the film will b”MAKAHUWAR SOYAYYA”

  6. hmmmmmmm (laugh), am smehw speechless, i lyk dis conversation…..if to say I will ave d ryt, chance nd the opportunity to b employed into d kannywood industry just to act a film, NAFISAT will b d actress, BIGJO will b d actor, cox I lyk Nafisat’s acting, I amended my ways cox of ha acting,………. d name of the film will b”MAKAHUWAR SOYAYYA”

  7. name is abdulhaqq saeed..
    actually I love adam zango pass my lovly prince (adam zango) my princes(nafisat abdullahi…hv a nice day (prince)@ young gaga……whatsapp me .@ 08145517551……………….

  8. Nafisa abdullahi is the best actress who force my attention in watching hausa movies,so the fact that she is suspended or dismiss have totally stop me from watching hausa.and i have to come over there and visit her though i am from taraba but i will attained b.u.k because of nafisa.

  9. Adam ina mai tabbatar maka cewa a duniya in mutum ya kika to ko kana cikin ruwa sai yace ka wasa masa kura a jiki sanan sone su bata maka suna ga al,umma. ni ina mai tayaka bakin ciki ga zarginda akayimaka akan Nafisa

  10. Salam,yareeymah like u see in up m’y Name is halliru Ahmed (yareeymah) i ‘m ur supporter and i like u somuch,m’y preyer to u m’y Allah help u about ur work,if u die m’y Allah save place for u in paradais ameeen,but the end i need ur phone nmbr thank u ser.

  11. shout out 2 ol ya movers n shakers in d kannywood film indstry essp my mentor d one n only livin stone d uncomparble ADAM ZANGO AKA ‘D PRINCE’

  12. I think is Yaya Ali, d great super star in kannywood, bcoz everybody like his films, l wish u success Ali nuhu

  13. Yaku yan uwana masoya antyta
    ALLAH yasaka maku da alhairi
    kuma ALLAH YASA MUYI farinjini
    irin nata.
    Nafitar da sabon ALBUM dina na begen annabi muhd…
    Zaku iya samunshi a kasuwanni
    ko ku tuntubeni ta whatssapp domin na turamaku album din

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