By Ibrahim Umar Bello

Especially in the early days of Hausa movies, most people don’t bother to look at the production house that produces a movie. That is because we have the habit of forwarding that part whenever we are watching a movie. It’s important that we know these production houses because it will help us distinguish the big banners who make great movies in the industry from the small players.

However, in Kannywood today, there are some productions that are no longer with us. These productions had produced some of the best films and had contributed a lot to the development of the industry, the mere thinking of them not working anymore is worrying.

Ask someone who watch Bollywood movies how they would feel if a production house like Yash Raj Films suddenly cease to exist. Gutted, they would say because it is hard to accept that one day a production of that caliber would cease to exist. Anyway, let’s refresh our memory on some of these forgotten production houses.

SARAUNIYA FILMS PRODUCTIONS: Sangaya, Allura Da Zare, Nagari, Daskin Da Ridi, Gagare, Sumbuka, Zarge, Linzami Da Wuta, Sirace….. Without a doubt one of the most influential film productions in the history of Kannywood. With Aminu and Auwal Muhammad Sabo at the helm of the production, Sarauniya had produced some of the most entertaining movies in the industry.

HRB COMPANY LIMITED: Started as HRB Productions and later became HRB Company Limited. This great banner under Rabi’u Ibrahim was one of the most successful production houses in the industry. The company had produced some highly grossed blockbusters like Abin Sirri Ne, Tawakkali, Furuci, Tubali, Rawani, Mashi, Ciwon Ido, Gyale etc. It has also played a major role in the careers of Ali Nuhu, Baballe Hayatu and Sadiya Gyale.

MANDAWARI ENTERPRISES: Founded by the Kannywood veteran, Ibrahim Mandawari, this production was once one of the major players in the industry. Mandawari Enterprises had entertained audience with movies like Marainiya, Zakaran Gwajin Dafi, Gaskiya Dokin Karfe, and a very amusing video magazine, Mushakata to mention but few.

HB PRODUCTIONS: Kannywood superstar Ali Nuhu made his debute under this banner when he starred in Dijangala. Also, Ali and Zahra’u Shata won Afro Hollywood award for their perfomance in one of HB’s movies Ruhi, becoming the first Kannywood actor/actress to do so. The influence of HB productions under prolific director Hafizu Bello is impossible to overstate. Other great movies produced by HB productions include Huznee, Almuru, Mukaddari and Qarni.

MAN ENTATAINMENT: Hardly attributed to a specific film maker, but the movies produced under Man Entertainment were nothing short of Exceptional. some excellent love stories made under this banner are Qugiya, Katanga, Makamashi, Qamshi etc.

Some other forgotten production houses with good movies are Nagari Enterprises (Gobe Da Nisa, Hiyana, Guda, Gidan Iko, Aska), Crown Studio (Sharhi, Bakandamiya, Abadan Da’iman), Ibrahimawa Productions (Akasi, Ukuba, Muradi).

All of these productions mentioned above are now either dormant or have faded into oblivion. Reasons? I’ll let you ponder about that.


7 thoughts on “THE FORGOTTEN ONES II

  1. Am impressed, more grease 2 ur elbow @aaramz and @Noorer.. And to our hiden writers whom we await their contributions.

  2. The essay wasn’t bad, I must say it reminds me of so many reputable personel who were the centre post of the then kannywood. Again I have to emphasize that Ali Nuhu made his dubute in “Abin Sirri Ne” but Dijangala released earlier than “Abin Sirri Ne” may be that’s why the writer of the above piece was a bit confused in his essay. Thanks.

  3. Another good piece by kannywoodscene but i think your write up should have include people like Bashir bala (chiroki) especially the fist one i think he contributed immensely during the early stage of the industry.

  4. It comes to my attention that Ali Nuhu’s first film was Abin Sirri Ne NOT Dijangala. A grave mistake I shouldn’t have done. Honestly, I got confused a little about the two movies during the write up. However, two people comfirmed to me that it was Dijangala. Still, I should’ve checked thoroughly. Sorry

    1. The writer has done really well by reminding the readers and fans of Kannywood about the old production houses under this great industry. More-so, I just want to draw his attention to one mistake he made. that is listing HB Production among those production houses that are no longer working in the industry. The fact is that I saw two official trailers and one official poster not so long ago. The title of the two trailers: “Bakin Kishi”(which has been released recently) and “Bincike”. And the official poster’s title is “Kafar Dama”. These three new films are under the banner of HB Production. Thank you.

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