By Ibrahim Umar Bello

Sometimes something happened and you are like Oh! That just remind me of someone I used to know. That person could be your brother, sister or a friend. They may be dead or you just haven’t seen them for a very long time that you’ve forgotten about them.

Yesterday, my friend came in to my room and played an old hausa song from his phone. The song is from the movie “KUSHU’I” Did you remember the movie? I did, especially the song -performed by Baballe Hayatu and Sa’ima Muhammad- because it was one of my favorites. Upon hearing the song, a thought crossed my mind and I asked my self, where is Sa’ima Muhd and all those actors/actresses that have gone missing in action for quite sometimes now? So, below I discuss some of the forgotten ones.

ISHAQ SIDI ISHAQ- He is one of Kannywood’s movers and shakers. May be not any more. Film maker, actor and a prolific director, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq’s been missing from the industry for quite sometimes now. Has he retired or he is just on break? Would love to ask him that If I can get hold of him.

UBALE IBRAHIM- Popularly known as “Wanke Wanke” from the movie DAHAM. Ubale came to the industry through 2 Effects Empire. Most of the film he did somehow associated with them. His absence could be due to the fact that 2 Effects Empire have not been producing too many films like they did before.

ABBA (RUDA) EL-MUSTAPHA- Dausayi, Qamshi, Makamashi are some of his good movies that come to mind whenever someone mentioned his name. Can’t remember the last time Jaga World produced a movie. Do you?

SA’IMA MUH’D- Ibrahim Mandawari used to call her Sa’ima International. One of Kannywood’s most beautiful actresses is missing for a while. However, Sa’ima is making a comback in FKD Production’s new movie ZURI’A. I’ve watched the trailer. Can’t wait.

UMMI NUHU- Often controversial. Ummi Nuhu is a very good actress. Ali Nuhu recognized that, no wonder she appeared in some of FKD’s biggest films like FIL AZAL, GAMBIZA and ZOMU ZAUNA. She appeared in the latter on crutches and didn’t put a foot wrong. This attractive actress is also missing from action for quite a while. Would love to see her make a comeback.

ZAINAB BOOTH- Her family is the most represented in the industry. They’re the Kannywood’s equivalent of Mukherjee-Samarth Devagn family or any of the Kapoor’s family in Bollywood. Zainab and her children, Maryam, Mahmud and Ramadhan are all active in Kannywood industry. She also has a daughter who’s married to the Kannywood’s prolific singer and director Yakubu Muhammad. I don’t know whether or not she decided to leave the stage for her children but Zainab Both is also missing in action recently.

There are others like Ibrahim Mandawari, Fati Baffa Fagge, Hussaini Sule Koki etc. Can you think of a reason why they’ve all gone missing or not consistently active as before? Or are they missing largely due to the emergence of new actors and the film makers no longer consider them worthy anymore?


15 thoughts on “THE FORGOTTEN ONES

  1. What goes up must surely come down to be a renowned person is not easy to be even when you’re despart now we recall some
    Hamisu iyantama
    Ibrahim mandawari
    minka’il bn Hassan liyu liyu
    Hauwa katanga
    sadiya gyale
    Aminu Hudu
    Fati karishma
    fati slow motion
    and lots of more. Komai nada lokacinsa muma wataran namu zaiyo hucewa duniya dauka take ta ajiye yaro da babba.

  2. I really missed my favourite actress LUBABATU MADAKI for her worthy words of wisdom that reflect the Hausa people and their Literature as well as their cultures.I need her frofiles please.


  4. The last sentence is the answer. The film makers no longer consider those ACTIVE and EXPIRIENCED actors worthy. (AN CI MORIYAR GANGA…). Whatever their reasons were, they should bear in mind that WE the VIEWERS still and wil continue to LOVE TO SEE THEM IN ACTION. Actors like BASHIR BALA, ABBA ALMUSTAFA, FATI BAFFAetc.

  5. A very alarming essay. Some of the mentioned “missing” stars are directly or indirectly working with the kannywood still. Directly in the sense that they participate partially in the production of a particular movie in which the movie could either be not popular or out of reach. And indirectly in the sense that they got another job as radio/television presenters or something like that. While others may decided to start business or someting else.

  6. @Muhammad Yeah that could be another factor. Some people lack the ability to adapt to changes, or are easily destracted by other things. Yeah, Ali Nuhu should be a role model for any aspiring actor. Despite being arguably the best actor to ever come from Northern Nigeria he’s as determined as ever.

  7. Pretty nice piece!
    Ninety percent of them are sound and still in the race, but I can’t really figure out their absence. Trend may be another factor contributing to their inactiveness, rejection played a vital role in their absence, some have isolated themselves from the industry while some are being negleted because they have very few or no God-father in the game.

  8. waow! as usual, your write up impacted in me another thought ‘the missing one’s’ or ‘inactive ones’ the actors/actresses you mentioned above are most of my favorites and i surely miss them. though my self i take a long time b4 getting a chance of watching any hausa movie (the american movies a watched: i downloaded them-how i wish i can download hausa films too).
    in your write up, a very interesting segment that caught my attention were the phrases-gone ‘missing’ and inconsistently ‘inactive’ relating to the individuals mentioned above. to me, they are both, the latter led to the former: it is their being inactive that led to their missing, some missing in action while others jst faded away and are, gradually,as did ‘justice in nigeria’. the question here is ‘why were dey inactive?’ bcos others like Ali Nuhu, Adam A zango are hardly been missing. i should discuss that in a special article inshaAllah. Amma idan wani ya riga ni to shikenan. Thanks.

  9. What α nice update, those people that were made mentioned of among other cast were truly missing. But I believe every things works with time. Their style of acting would probably be out of fashion, if actresses and actors will keep dancing to the tune (I mean modernization). The world will keep moving with them. Just like the GIANT and PROMINENT actor Ali Nuhu does his work, he changes his style frequently and sticks to his career. This made made him α STAR to always watch by audience..

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