By Ibrahim Umar Bello
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I don’t know about you but I have been a lover and follower of Kannywood movies since it’s began fully in the 90’s. In northern Nigeria, especially before the advent of Hausa (Kannywood) movies, most people watch Hindi (Bollywood) movies. So when Kannywood started, it’s no brainer that we accept them because of their similarities with Bollywood movies. The Hausa film industry drew a lot from story lines and casts from Indian love and thriller movies due to cultural affinity.

This piece though is not about the history of Kannywood or similarities between Hausa and Hindi movies, but rather my mere adoration for Kannywood industry which I’m not embarrass to admit. I know someone might say, what’s there to love in Kannywood movies? Or I’ll never waste my time on such rubbish etc. However, most people who say that hardly watch Kannywood movies and they always compare some they have watched with Hollywood or Bollywood movies, two industries that are far advanced in every aspect of movie making. Whilst Kannywood are struggling, I think comparing them to the likes of Hollywood in terms of movie presentation is harsh.

Despite their flaws, Kannywood had done really great in educating and entertaining Nigerians and other Hausa speaking countries across the globe. It has help many people realized their talents. Today we have great talents like Ali Nuhu, Rabilu Musa (Ibro), Saratu Gidado, Nazifi Asnanic, Ibrahim Birniwa to mention but few. It employs wide range of labour from the barely educated to highly educated who perform variety of roles, from serving as assistant to acting in the film or manning cameras. I love Kannywood and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s me being my self here, besides, it’s you who are busy quoting Nietzsche et al encouraging people to be themselves anywhere any time.


15 thoughts on “MY LOVE FOR KANNYWOOD

  1. a nice piece you made. i love kannywood too and i always wanted to contribute my quota towards its development. though i engaged in some aspect of film making like script writing and screen play, but what i want most is for kannywood or any private org or an individual to open a forum for critiqin hausa movies, i beleive that will knock some artiste, producers, writers and directors into action by realising that some host of intellectuals are WATCHING.

  2. Am impressed with this articles, it really makes me proud, ibrahim we lack educated audience like you people, that’s why we are always been critise by people that don’t watch our movies, believe me kannywood is the fasted growing movie industry in world.

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